Another Anti-Aging Option

I recently watched a video that helped me finally understand  how human growth factors actually  work. At an excellent breakfest presentation at Bergdorf Goodman, Dr Alex Khadavi  explained how this type of  anti-aging moisturizer can reduce  fine lines and wrinkles.  Let me walk you through it:

Collagen is  produced by fibroblasts and naturally occurring human growth factors trigger fibroblsts into action.  As we get older, the levels of human growth factors fall and  the fibroblasts   seem to go into hibernation.  THat’s the bad news.  The good news?   Human growth factors in  face and eye treatment products   wake up the  fibroblasts to start doing their job making new collagen.  With healthy new tissue, the skin is  firmer and less lined.

Keep in mind that  lines  are  just one of over a dozen signs of  facial aging.  Growth factors does … Continue Reading…

Questions & Answers

Question:  I went to buy a glycolic acid cleanser and  was told that  something called  “MMP”  is  much better.  Its also much more expensive.  I can’t afford to keep buying a skin care  product and  then  learn that  there are better ones.  Is MMP   a good ingredient to look for?

Answer:  MMP  is an umbrella term for enzymes  ( eg collagenase) which break down old proteins ( eg old collagen).  The  body  produces them naturally and as we get older or are under stress, the  body produces  more of them.  Sunlight, alcohol and smoking  also increase MMP levels. We need MMPs to avoid build-up of   old damaged tissues– but too much MMP can increase  aging and skin wrinkling.

I think that the product you were offered had an anti-MMP compound that actually blocks MMP activity.   A lot of ingredients can … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week, the Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40 are hosting Fashion Flash.  I’ve been feeling so  much more confident about my fashion choices   and its due to the advice that I’ve gleaned from this incredible  site for fashion guidence. For example, in NYC everyone wears black all the the time.  No exaggeration.  But the fashion  mags are  always urging us to wear COLOR.  Every time I wear an orange sweater or blue dress I feel so self concious I can’t wait to get home and change.  Then the Glam Gals suggested that I use color in my accessories.  Now   I wear  my little black dress and  spike it with a green bag tied with a color drenched scarf and finished off with a pair of shiny black snakeskin shoes. I feel “fabulous” where ever … Continue Reading…

Pelleve and My Neck

When I started exploring anti-aging options I really wasn’t aware that my neck looked, well looked old.  After I  used   tools  like  Retin A and IPL, I could see a big difference between the texture and color between my neck and face– as if  I was wearing a heavy foundation.  On the neck there was that bumpy “chicken skin”, thick horizontal lines and lots of fine lines.  I’ve been using Retin A and sunscreen on my neck but apparently its nowhere near as effective for the neck.  Not good news.

There is a short list of anti-aging tools for the neck.  Top of the list is the full facelift ( Check out recent pix of Madonna.  Some experts believe that she   has had a facelift because  her neck  is … Continue Reading…

#1 Beauty Diet Tip– Watch Your Salt

Salt–its everywhere.  It makes everything, even desserts  taste better.  But  our love of salt ( or sodium) comes with a big price.  You probably know that too much dietry salt  has been linked to heart disease, high blood ressure  and an increase in asthma symptoms.  Now it turns out that salt  can make you ugly.

Here’s how it works:  Salt attracts water and more more salt attracts more water.  In the short run, the extra fluid will make the face look puffy  can increase undereye bags.  Did you ever notice that after a chinese meal ( redic high in sodium) that your rings are tight and  under eye shadows are   darker. Its the sodium.  In the rest of the body, a big sodium load makes  blood circulation more difficult.  The slower circulation  makes growth and repair of skin cells slow down–  decreasing collagen and elastin production. So in the long run, … Continue Reading…

Is Water the Secret to Beautiful Skin?

Its hard to pick up a newpaper or magazine without reading of another celebrity  who credits her  good looks to-wait for it- drinking  plenty of water.  For example Kim Kardashian   has admitted to  extensive laser hair removal (” hey, I’m Armeanian”) and  posted  photos of her post- Botox bruises.  Yet in an interview she credits her luminous skin and incredible body  to drinking water.

Now I have nothing against water but its not the fountain  of youth.  I drink it every day and in fact I  especially like Poland Spring water  which is from a real  spring and not  just filtered  reservoir water.  And I can understand that iconic beauties don’t want to reveal their use of Botox, fillers, lasers or even IPL.  But … Continue Reading…

Using Facial Imaging to Identify Skin Aging

This photo  shows the areas of sun damage via  theCanfield Imaging System. ( And I’m so glad that this is not a dating site).  On the left is a standard  photo and my skin looks fairly even in color.  On the right its a different story.  The brown spots are areas of hyperpigmentation– too much melanin from sun exposure.  What I find really interesting  are the light areas under the nose and around the eyebrows which are areas  where there is loss of pigmentation  Apparently UV rays can destroy cells ability to make any pigment.  Its not really visable to the naked eye, but it causes the skin to look dull and tired.  I was amused that the special cameras picked up the loss of pigment  areound the … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Beauty Care– The Truth is Out There

I recently spent two incredible days at a joint conference of the  Health and Beauty Association (HBA) Expo and the 2010 Spa and Resort Medical Aesthetics Conference at the Javits Center in New York.  I’ve been to  many academic programs/ trade shows, and have often been disapointed, but this one really delivered information I could use.

The educational sesions gave me cutting edge developments in anti-aging skin care, all backed up  with first class research including:

* Why women of color  should not use IPL

* How to use cosmetotextiles to firm and smooth your skin

* Which anti-oxidents really deliver for your skin

* What to look for in a peptide  anti-aging  moisturizer

The exhibit section was equally interesting, showing home LED tooth whitening, Clarisonic opal eye roller, and  the Canfield facial imaging system … Continue Reading…