Can Hormones Make Me Look Younger?

Q&A about hormonesQuestion:  My sister started taking  hormones during menopause and she says its  keeping her young.  She says she  has more energy, better moods  and  is delighted that her hair seems  less dry and fragile. She does looks great, but I’ m afraid of risks like blood clots and breast cancer.   What would you advise?  And did I mention how great she looked?

Answer:  October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and its the right time to answer this question. When estrogen  is given during menopause, it can have a definate  impact on the skin. Estrogen stimulates collagen production and during  menopause, estrogen naturally declines.  In fact certain types of collagen decrease as much as 50% in the few  three years  of  menopause.  Estrogen also regulates melanin production and a decline fo this  hormone increases brown spots and irregular pigmentation.

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