The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips

#2 Don’t Age — Exfoliate

The surface of your skin is covered with a dry dead skin cells, stale oil and old make-up.  When this layer is removed, it stimulates the growth of healthy new cells.  If your soap or cleanser doesn’t have the power to take  it off, the skin looks dull, dry and tired.  Even worse, that rate of skin growth slows and  the skin is as old as it looks.  Using scrubbing grains or a facial abrasive pad takes off the  unwanted layer, leaving the skin soft, radiant and healthier. And keep in mind that one of the major benefits of Retin A is its ability to encourage healthy exfoliation of the skin.

Exfoliation is actually felt to be a key reason that men seem to age more slowly than women.   Experts suggest that daily shaving exfoliates the top dry layer to encourage fresh skin growth.