Does your Face Adjust to Face Products?

Question: I feel like I try a new serum or moisturizer  and get great early results but when I remain faithful, overtime I feel nothing more changes.  Is it me?  Should I rotate products to get better results?

Answer:  This is one  of my favorite topics!  We ( consumers) have all  experienced this.  We fall in love with a new skin care  product only to see the once wonderful benefits seem to twindle away.  Doctors and other skin experts have a boatload of different reasons as to the cause:

1. When  we first use a product it provides fresh new benefits, as it supplies what the skin needs.  Over time, other problems and isssues develop and the once new serum or lotion  cannot  meet the new needs.

2. Some dermatologists believe that the products still continue to work , but we’ve forgotten  how … Continue Reading…

Microdermabrasion or Botox– Which is Better?

Question—  In a few months I’m turning 50.  After half a century, my skin is looking tired and I want to give myself a birthday present.  Which would be better, microdermabrasion or Botox?  You seem to really like both of them.

Answer— Happy birthday!  I do like both  microdermsabrasion and Botox, but  they are very different  anti-aging tools and  deal with different  problems.  Microdermabrasion  takes of the top dead layer  of skin cells to leave the skin smoother, brighter and softer.  In addition, removing these old cells actually stimulates the lower levels to grow.  Researchers have noticed that  mens’ skin seems to age more slowly than women’s– and they believe that part of the reason is the daily  shave which encourages the growth of  fresh new skin every day.

Botox injections at  problem areas  can erase fine lines and wrinkles, … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Prevention Plan- The Twenties

For the twenties the key word ( or actually words)  to remember  is Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA’s.   Found naturally in  a number of  foods incuding milk, grapes and apples, the AHA’s   are a  twenty somethings best friend.  I like to see  them in cleansers, moisturizers, treatment products, eye creams, peels  and face masks.  This plan shows  how to use  them to enjoy  your youthful firm skin.

In the Morning:

* Wash your face with effective cleanser for your skin type.  If your skin tends to be dry use a moisturizing forumlation such as Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser with Soy.  There’s good science behind soy, indicating among other things  it  protects against sun damage– always a good thing.  If your skin tends to  be on the oily side  use an oi-free cleanser  such as  Deep Clean from  Neutrogena.  Wet your face with warm water  and rub a dab into your skin.  massage gently and rinse … Continue Reading…

Easy Does It– Retin A and Buff Puff

For the past week I have been happily combining Retin A and  a medium strength exfoliating sponge  and have been delighted with the results.  However I have to  add two notes of caution:

1) For the first four months I  used Retin A  I played it very safe with  Cetaphil, an ultra-mild cleanser and waited up to an hour between cleansing and  my nightly dollop of Retin A.   It worked beautifully, but in cold windy weather I   still got pretty red and raw.  I would never  use  an exfoliating cleanser when starting  a Retin A program. 

2) I just back from a trip  and found that the industrial strength air-conditioning  in the hotel  dried out my skin. Combined with the Buff Puff and my Retin A,  I  woke up to a face full of  dry, white  flakes.  The best way to deal with  this type of flaking is to apply a very rich  cream  for  30 minutes and … Continue Reading…

My Retin A Needs a Boost

I have been using  .o5% Retin A Micro  for almost four months and I have seen great results.  In the past two weeks I have noticed that the  healthy glow has faded a bit.  Its sort of  like a once great diet where you’ve stopped losing weight.  I don’t need to wait  between washing my face and applying this proven wrinkle fighter to my face to avoid irritation. Clearly my skin cells are now rather bored with my treatment. I need to, as Emeril would say, “crank it up a bit”.  I still have  about a quarter of  the $300 tube left and  I really don’t want to waste it.  I did a bit of research and  found that I could use  physical exfoliating tools  like Buff Puff  sponge to enhance the anti-aging effects.   Cleansing my face with a disposable abrasive sponge makes  the skin feel clean and smooth, and the glow is coming back.  I can finish this lower … Continue Reading…