Brows Gone Wild

There is certainly a whole  lot of growing going on. It’s been almost four months since I started to Rogaine reatment and brow hairs have certainly  sprouted where nothing  has grown for years. I was expecially happy to see the new growth was mostly dark and thick rather than pale and wispy.  More hair seems to have gowth below the actual brows in the area I usually waxed.  But the arch of the brow has also visibly  filled in.

On the downside the hair seems a  bit more wirey than my  pre-Rogaine brows. In the past I would tweeze  away these  unruly hairs to clean up the brow line.  The  eyebrow expert at Benefit  showed me how to trim curly brow hairs to keep the volume, but smooth the line.  Using a magnifying glass and an eyebrow brush, I now comb the brow hairs  up and  trim off the longer … Continue Reading…

Rogaine is Growing My Eyebrows!

Rogaine seems to be really working on my too skinny eyebrows. Its been  almost two months since I began applying Rogaine foam twice a day  to my brow area. To be totally honest I had a rocky time getting into a treatment routinue.   For most of the first month, I would miss at least one application a day.  And some days I never got around to  using Rogaine at all. It certainly was not  time or labor intensive but definately  aan extra step.  It took me a month to get into a regular routinue so I feel I am really just  in the first month of treatment.

Rogaine Routinue 101

I have been using 5% Rogaine for women foam.  The instructions recommend filling the entire cap with foam and use it all over your scalp.  There are no recommendations for eyebrows so I wasted quite a bit of the … Continue Reading…

Eyebrow Makeover– Tinting

For some reason the idea of eyebrow tinting  terrified me.  I’ve been lasered,  waxed, Botoxed and bleached but tinting seemed especially risky. ?????  But ever the science geek, I had to try it out. After checking out several salons, I choose  the Benefit Brow Bar.  I had watched them work and I was genuinely  impressed  by the careful and individual  approach  they took with every brow.

My  brow  whisperer Shante had beautiful brows   which gave me a great sense of confidence. I  discussed the celebrity brow expert who  had striped off my once thick brows.  A year later, they had not  returned to  their normal fullness.  Shante  reassured me that it can take 12-18 moths for an over- plucked brow  to recover. She primarily cleaned up stray hairs and flattened out the  too round arch.  Yea! She mixed  a small dab of vegetable dye in a tiny cup  and

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Eyebrows 101

EyebrowsGrowing up I always had such thick eyebrows, I actually  sported a unibrow.  When I was a very young bride my always elegant  MIL took me to her favorite facialist  at the Helena Rubinstein Salon.   I was mortified  as the two woman chatted  in Romanian, shaking their heads and    pointing  to  my brows.  For the rest of my life I  will never forget the image of that steaming spatula of  molten wax coming toward  my face.  But my terror  and discomfort were forgotten when the mirror revealed two perfect brows  that channeled Liz Taylor.

thinning eyebrowsFor the next few decades I pretty much forgot  my brows and relied on   regular waxing … Continue Reading…