Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoFashion Flash is hosted this  week by Kari of Faboulous Over Forty. There is  a lot of  beauty  and fashion advice out there but often its directed at the Mommy Universe.  There is good info  on how to lose weight after pregnancy, how to  be a great looking soccer Mom and for  single moms, what to wear for an evening of  speed dating . But that’s not me and my Fashion Flash  tribe.  And that’s why I love Fabulous Over Forty. Kari is one of use but she has the  make-up skills and style sense to  know what works in our lives.  She has a knack for picking  just the right type of foundation to make our  skin glow and the best  gloss to make  our lips  look fresh and moist, not oily.  I have a … Continue Reading…

Question: What can I do to look fabulous in less than a week?

Question: I just found out that my old crush is coming to the holiday office party this week. I want to look  amazing.  Would you suggest  IPL or Botox?

Answer:  Both  procedures are very effective, but I would be concerned about doing them right before an important event, especially if its the first time you’ve had them.  Although its called the “lunchtime laser”, IPL can leave red splotches and scabs  that will take a few days to heal.  Botox injections can  hit  a little blood vessels and produce  pretty big bruises.   Rather than doing a full court  press on your face,  If you need to look amazing immediately I would start with  a home microdermabrasion kit  from Clarisonic, DDF, or Neutrogena.  They will polish and refresh your skin and make an incredible difference, especially  if  its not something  you do everyday.    Then  make certain that  you hair … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash #3

This week, the host of Fashion Flash #3 is Jodell at Black Cat Plus Blog.  This is an amazing site for information about plus size fashion that includes  tips, styles and where to buy  gorgeous affordable clothes when  you no longer wear  single digit  sizes.  And if you  are over 40 and looking for flattering work and  after five clothing, this is the place to visit.  Plus sizes  are designed to flatter a women’s  curves and have  both sleeves and longer hems and work beautifully when  body parts tend to get  softer and lower.