Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash!  When I  first met Jackie I have to admit that I  was a  bit miffed that  such a youg women   was offering anti-aging advice.  But when I  found out that she  was in the 50’s, my  attitude changed to ” I’ll  have what she is having”.  Jackie  explores  the entire range of anti-aging tools and techniques–  diet, exercise, healthcre, nutrition, hormones and of course skin care.  Jackie taught  me how to  bake read rom scratch and taught  me  the miracles of coconut oil.And  It was Jackie  who introduced  me to the microfiber mini clothes that  I now offer in  the Fashion Flash Boutique.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash LogoThis  week Barbara of Best of Everything After Fifty is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is such a wonderful image of  what a women over  50  loooks and sounds like!  I get so angry at commericals that feature  baby boomers  has dowdy, confused and screechy.  Barbara  is a living, breathing example of  a smart beautifull  boomer who has  great enthusiasm for living and a lifetime of experience to make the right choices.  Its doesn’t get better than that.

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There is certainly  no shortage of  fashion, health and beauty products sold online. There is a seemingly endless variety of anti-aging moisturizers, self-help books and vitamins.  And  that’s just … Continue Reading…