It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  I am so delighted that Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash! IMO  Cindy  of  Prime Beauty has  some of the best online  reviews of  fragrances and make-up. I always scroll   thru her site before shopping for a new  lipstick or perfume,  I not only find exactly what i want, I save  money  by avoiding products that  just don’t deliver.  Subscribe to her  wonderful site that you won/t  miss a single info filled post.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Style Forever by Alyson Walsh

This  little  book is bursting with fashion advice  for women like  me. In other … Continue Reading…

Fabulous Feet After 50

Five inch heels at Fashion WeekThe towering heels at Fashion Week continue to haunt me.  Not only is  there is no way I  could  walk around all day in those heels, I realized that its been years since I’ve enjoyed   shopping for shoes.  I’ve been grumbling  that shoes  are not  well made anymore,  but the truth is the changes  are  in my feet,  not the shoes.

Feet Change  as We Get Older

According to the American Podiatic Medical  Association there are three  key changes in the architecture of the foot that take the fun out of shoe shopping ( my words, not theirs)

1. Changes in Fat Pads— the same type of fat pads that are shrinking in our face and causing wrinkles, are also causing problems in  our feet.  The fat pads act as a cushion to reduce impact from walking and running.  These fat pads  … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Style at Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Staness of Menopaue Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash.  Staness  has  just finished  the 400 page manuscript for her  second book  on woman’s health issues.  She has interviewed  experts round the world and  some of the anti-aging  information is so cutting edge that it was  not even taught when most of our doctors were in medical school. There is so much new research, its hard to know how to put  the findings into  daily health care  Staness has done that heavy lifting and  we’ll all benefit.

Kate’s Style by Caroline Jones

Kate Middleton is a unique style icon.  Rather than  a party girl model, a  uber sexed Anti-Aging style from Kate Middletonreality … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week Moving Free with Mirabai ishosting Fashion Flash  and  her advice could not come at a better time.  Freezing February weather  has sent my usual fitness routine into hibernation.  Mirabai  has literally dozens of  exercise  programs to deal with every need at every exercise level.   And if you have back of knee problems  her  chair exercise  CD’s  will take away  any excuse to avoid exercise.

I first  met Lois Joy Johnson, author of  The Wardrobe Wakeup  when I was working with branding guru Faith Popcorn and she was the beautywake up editor at Ladies Home Journal.   She often talked about doing a book on style and  now its finally here– and it was worth the wait.   Even better  its about  dressing … Continue Reading…