Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is the host of Fashion Flash. For my birthday this year a good friend gave me  two sessions with a popular trainer  from her gym.  The twenty something dude in a Knicks tee shirt certainly looked in great shape.  He showed me his six pack abs, hard as wood thighs  and keyed up a video on his I phone that showed him picking up a coffeetable  with  one  hand.   These are probably great assets for a twenty something dude. For a fifty plus writer, not so much.    I am not sure what my fitness  goals should be, but I am fairly sure  hoisting tables is definately not on the list.

By contrast Shawna not only knows  what a 40 plus women needs, she  knows how to get there.   She knows  where … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Kari of Fab Over 40.  This constantly updated site  has become  my go-to  spot for all things beauty.  In recent weeks she has  profiled   five new delicious lingerie brands, a new long lasting lipstick with vitamins and without parabens,  and a honey  bath scrub from Laura Mercier.  I  have to admit I want them all.

I often have problems with celebrity beauty tips.  When asked  how they maintain a perfect body they claim a)  they never diet, b) drink a gallon of water a day or c) they inherrited their goods looks.  Seriously?

By contrast, Beth Chamberlin, star of the late, great Guiding Light, not only honestly  admits her  body problems, she shares  her real  diet and fitness strategies.  Beth and her husband, Dr Peter Roy  developed a popular Kettlebell program  that … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is the host of Fashion Flash.   I have to admit that I am intimidated  by descriptions of  celebrity fitness programs. The intensity, the  pit crew of specialists to assist them,  the amount of  time and energy is overwhelming– and way above my pay scale.  What I love about Shawna’s  blog and DVD’s  is  that not only  are  the exercise programs  so doable, but  she shares real time success stories.  When a fifty something   schoolteacher works  diligently to lose weight  for a wedding, now that is something that  inspires  me.  I can relate to  the  people  who have worked her method and if they can do it, then   I can too. 

 This summer I published the  first No-Nonsense Beauty  NewsletterContinue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week Fashion Flash is hosted by Cat of  Obsessed with Shoes, a gorgeous site that profiles the trendiest shoes.  Last week she featured a beautiful midcalf platform  boot that converts to an ankle style.  In New York ,where black is  still the new black,   Cat’s  shoe picks make every outfit  fabulous.

And after clicking through the info packed Fashion Flash blogs, go to the Beauty Bash site  to learn about an incredible two day health, beauty and fitness expo.  Hosted by  Fashion Flasher Geri  of Fabulous Over Fifty, Beauty Bash takes place  on October 1-2 at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York City.

Come meet the people and products that will  help you look and feel fabulous.  Sample innovative products and talk  with celebrity  stylists, fashion and beauty icons, world … Continue Reading…

Introducing The Fashion Flash

When I started my anti-aging journey, I focused on lines and wrinkles.  As I explored the causes and solutions of beauty issues, I realized that fashion and fitness are just as important to the total appearance.  I began  looking at other blogs for info that delivered great results.  To share these tools and tips, I am starting a new Monday feature I call “The Fashion Flash”

Each week I will be sharing a link to some of my favorite lifestyle bloggers who are experts on such topics as:

* How to pick just the right bra  for every shape

* The best boots for style and warmth– how timely is that!

* The  right way to lose weight after 40

This weeks host of the Fashion Flash are the Glam Gals, Jojami Tyler and Deborah Boland of  Fabulous After 40.( http// )  This site has a unique  eye for fashion, finding  beautiful, flattering, … Continue Reading…