Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week Geri of Fab Over Fifty is hosting Fashion Flash. This  large well-written site is IMO the best  magazine style site  on the web.  Its packed with  info that is updated daily.  It has giveaways that I actually want such as a trip to France or a weekend spa vaca.  This week  FOF is giving away a Clarisonic, hands  down my favorite beauty tool.    Geri’s own blog that  shares her  concerns and experiences  that often leaves me  laughing.  This week she writes her concerns about  becoming a grandma for the first time. 

I also have become  addicted to reading what  Fab Over Fifty’s chief pundit, Barbara Hannah Gufferman is  thinking and doing.  Today I chuckled over  her post  describing how Peanuts cartton introduced her to Beethoven.  Remember Charlie Brown and  his piano?  You can also  check out Barbara at her own site The Best of Everything After Fifty.

Recently my favorite feature has been the “Ask an FOF” where readers can pose a question and  experts  will supply an answer.  It covers topics from Art to Finance to Woman’s Health.  Today’s question dealt with a not infrequent problem– how to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a room.   Rather than moving,  the FOF experts  gave solid suggestions as well as friendly support. 

I’ve also become  addicted to two more  sites written for  and by women over 40.  Chic at Any Age    lives in the UK  and brings a definate European  style.  I love that she  writes about recycling clothes  to  make an outfit seem fresh and modern.  Recently I copied her look  as she added a broad belt to an older coat.  I added a broad black patent belt to an  plain, five year  black coat and now its my new favorite– and for no additional cost. 

I love to start my morning  by finding out what Pam  of Over Fifty, Feeling Forty  is up to today.  In addition to  age appropriate fashion advice  where I always pick  up an idea or two.    Pam  is like  having a good friend who gives you a pep talk when things get rough.  She  is a fellow thrifter and is now a  Ambassador for Goodwill.

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week, Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash.  Recently she uploaded an inspiring post  that focused on Sarah Robles, the awesome Olympic weightlifter.  Like  many  full figure women Sarah had trouble finding flattering, wearable clothes.  Two plus size designers, Jill Alexander and  Ming Wang stepped up to outfit Sarah for  London and the Olympic.

Red is apparently the hot color this year.  Be sure  to checkout the plus size options in this vibrant color

Black Cat Plus looks  at more more than  just plus size fashion.   I was moved by her analysis of a controversial Nike  that featured an over weight boy struggling to exercise.   Was it  motivational  or exploitive?  I’d love to hear what you think.

I’m so excited about the second Beauty Bash (created by our Geri Brin of Fab Over 50)  on Sept 29 at the Metropolitan Pavillion in NYC.   If  you went  last  year you know  how amazing it was.  This year  promises to be even better.  In addition to a day of skin care experts, cossmetic surgeons, fashion gurus, fashion and accessory pop-up shops, fashion shows, and  mini-massage,  you will go home with a ginormous goodie bag packed with must-have products.

But wait there is more.  Beauty Bash will be followed by  FOF  Week a celebration of incredible beauty and  fashion  activities  in both New York and New Jersey.  From September 30 to Oct 6, you’re invited  to a wide range  of events and options including  a cocktail party and charity shopping at J.Mclaughlin, a free beverage at Trump Grill and   20% off Clarins Kin Spa, Bliss and Foxcraft Collections.    And save  some time  for free consultations  with master hait stylist Yann Varin, Manhattan Dental Spa and lifestyle expert Betsy Karp.

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fab Over Fifty aka FOF.   This sassy site  for smart, dynamic women is  packed with must read features.  FOF  tests  all manner of beauty and health care products  that range from glycolic peels to  magnetic devices for hot  flashes. I love  Date My Kid  section where  Mom’s can post pics and bios of their  single  children and I’m waiting for the announcement of the first FOF  marriage.    There is a  vibrant community of FOF guru’s  that are waiting   anxiously to answer   your questions on topics that range from antiques to woman’s health.  And  the  prizes  on FOF giveaways are soooo temping ( eg weekend spa vacations)  I never  miss a chance to enter.

One of the  most  popular features on FOF   is Hot or Not.  Origninally a term  used by snarky  under grads to rate girls,  at FOF  it means  on the street fashions that  stylists evaluate.   The FOF camera  captures women  with an interesting look and  asks the stylists if they think it works.  It informative and hilarious.  Don’t miss it. 

I   often review  review  books  on health fitness and  beauty ( usually on Fashion Flash) so  when I saw an announcement for a one day conference for book bloggers, I was  in.  At the author’s breakfast we  could get a chance to meet  writers and discuss their books.  Cool!  But it turned out that  almost all the books seemed to be either paranormal romances   or  for children  so I  just enjoyed  meeting Jennifer Weiner ( In Her Shoes, Good in Bed).  She is as smart, irreverent and funny as her books. 

One final  thought.   There  were   tall stacks  of   of  free books for the book bloggers, but  it was almost impossible to lug all of  them around the all day conference.  Its the digital age people.  How about free downloads so that we can get a take home  all the wonderful work without developing a herniated disk.  Its a win-win situation.  Publishers  get  their books reviewed and bloggers don’t have to  carry around  industrial size bottles of Advil.

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Geri of Fab Over Fifty is hosting  Fashion Flash.  I love her product testing features.  Instead of  just one opinion  she  has a panel of 5-7 women using the product  and reporting the results.  We all  have such individual reactions to skin care products that  a  a thumbs  up or down from one person is pretty limited.  Geri  gets a range of opinions that provides much  more information about the benefits  ( or drawbacks) of an anti-aging therapy. 

I was also excited to learn that Beauty Bash, the health and beauty expo created by Fab Over Fifty is coming back this year in September  and will be accompanied by Beauty Bash week in NYC. More on Beauty Bash as  the program develops.

May is National Smile Month  and it  seems like karma that  the book of the week is Smile! by the dentist  who invented GoSmile, Jonathan Levine.  Its  basically a  no-nonsense approach to  caring  for  your teeth and is packed with wonderful information. For example  it explains the differences between  whitening, desensitzening  and tartar control toothpastes including which ingredients to look for and which to avoid. I was surprised to learn that  about 60% of Americans have tooth   sensitivity issues  because the tiny tubules in the teeth  transmit messages to the nerves.  Potassium nitrate seals up tubules and prevents  pain transmissions.  However  Dr Levine points out that  to be effective  a toothpaste needs to have 5% potassium nitrate  and not all that make sensitivity claims  have that formulation. FYI   Dr Levine recommends Sensodyne  if  you have sensitive teeth.

The chapter on tooth whitening  alone is worth the  price of the book.  I was  fascinated  by the science behind tooth whitening and the way the different  techniques can work together.  Dr Levine writes about who should  and  should not get tooth whitening-  during pregnancy,  while breast feeding and under age 14. He also includes a tooth whitening spread sheet that  I will take with next time I  buy a whitening product.  Smile! by Joanthan Levine  has  earned a permanent place on my beauty bookshelf.

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Geri of Fab Over 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  What other site  has giveaways that include weekend vacations to beautiful resorts,  group  product testing that yields real answers  and a panal of stylists that offer their individual opinions on the same  outfit?  I am also a huge fan of FOF  personal stories which recently included  the sobering tale of a successful decorator  who through a series of  financial mishaps found herself  homeless.  You don’t have to be over 50 to love this site!

I am not ashamed to  admit that I am a foodie.  I love trying new restaurants, collecting collecting cookbooks  and  finding the best  brie in the neighborhood.  But when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had to change  the way I cooked and ate.   Simply eliminating salt, fat and sugar from a standard recipe often  produced something that just was not worth eating.    I am  always looking for  great healthy cookbooks, but usually I end up disappointed. 

When I started  thumbing through 5 Easy Steps to Healthy Cooking by Camilla  Saulsbury, I quickly became hooked.  With more than 500  pages that feature 500 recipes, ths big book includes breakfasts, salads, meats and vegetables.  Her awesome chapter on soups that offers more than 40 vegetable- packed options  is alone worth the price of the  book. 

Rather than relying on fat and sugar for texture and flavor,  “5 Easy”  adds layers of taste with seasonings  like  Asian garlic chile sauce, brown rice syrup, smoked paprika and fresh mint.   I tried three recipes– Minestrone with kale soup, greek shrimp with feta and mint  and green beans with ginger.  Not only are they healthy and delicious, the ingredients were  affordable and easy to prepare. 

The authors’ background is both unusual and impressive. Camilla Saulsbury  has been a recipe developer, cooking instructor  and a Top Chef winner ( for cookies for all things).  She is equally passionate about health  and is  a  lisenced personal   trainer certified  by both the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and  a certified Pilates instructor.   5 Easy Steps  to Healthy Cooking published by Robert Rose of  Toronto  now has a permanent  spot in my kitchen.

Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fabulous Over Fifty.  I have to admit that I am addicted to starting my day  by clicking through Fab Over Fifty.  It  has a unique mix of world class experts and  women like me that provides both state of the art  info and a sense of shared experiences.  This constantly updated site covers  health, finance, relationships,   beauty, fashion, all from the perspective of women who weren’t born yesterday.

When you click through the other info-packed Fashion Flash sites be sure  to check out the book  Menopause Makeover( Harlequin Press) by our own Staness Jonekos.  This  is a proven, eight step program to deal with the cascade of menopause sumptoms  including  hot flashes, weight gain, brain fog and mood changes.

Staness was just 47 and planning her first wedding when menopause hit her hard.  Not finding the  info she needed Staness created  a menopause master plan.  In her comprehensive  yet easy to read book, Staness explains the latest alternative and medical options in a reader friendly format.  There are  great check lists, journal pages and charts to track you progress.  But what is super special about this book  is the sense of empowerment– changing menopause from a  problem into a celebration of a new beginning. You can read more about Menopause Makeover  on her site of the same name.

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fabulous Over Fifty  who is putting together the final schedule of events for Beauty Bash.  This two day beauty and health expo will be held on Oct 1&2 at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York City.  The speakers are a who’s who of dermatologists, celerity hairstylists, cosmetic surgeons and makeup artists who  will be presenting their best tips as well as be available for 1-1 consultation.

And  there will be at  five Fashion Flash bloggers  who will be speaking in the event area  and who will have their own booths in beauty, fashion and  health areas at beauty Bash.  Kari of Fabulous Over Forty and I  will be sharing the stage in a joint presentation- Ten Top Make-up and Skin Care Tips. We’ll be talking at 10:30 on Sunday Oct 2.  If  you miss our talk come by our booth  on either day to say hello and pick up some beauty samples.  In the fashion area the Glam Gals  Jojami Tyler and Deborah Boland will be at their booth to  help you tweek your chic.  They  have an uncanny ability to put together the perfect look.  This summer Jojami  put together  an amazing  outfit that worked so well  I wore for practically every event I had to look good. It was  a little worn out by the end of August and I’m looking forward to getting their advice  on an equally wonderful look for fall.

Because  Geri is part of Fashion Flash, she  has provided a code for our visitors that gives a 20% discount on Beauty Bash tickets.  I hope you will use  it and I really look forward to meeting  some of the people  who have written so many wonderful comments and emails to us.  Its going to be an amazing two days.

Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week Fashion Flash is hosted by Cat of  Obsessed with Shoes, a gorgeous site that profiles the trendiest shoes.  Last week she featured a beautiful midcalf platform  boot that converts to an ankle style.  In New York ,where black is  still the new black,   Cat’s  shoe picks make every outfit  fabulous.

And after clicking through the info packed Fashion Flash blogs, go to the Beauty Bash site  to learn about an incredible two day health, beauty and fitness expo.  Hosted by  Fashion Flasher Geri  of Fabulous Over Fifty, Beauty Bash takes place  on October 1-2 at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York City.

Come meet the people and products that will  help you look and feel fabulous.  Sample innovative products and talk  with celebrity  stylists, fashion and beauty icons, world class dermatologists, aesthetic surgeons and cosmetic dentists. But wait there’s more.  There will be contiuous  seminars and demonstrations as well as dozens of health and beauty vendors. When  you leave  take home a gift bag packed with $150 worth of the best beauty products.

Fashion Flash will have a booth  and we’ll be giving  presentations  on both  days of the event.  We would love to meet you !