Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week the  Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40 are hosting Fashion Flash.  Check out their new feature  where they post a fashion  challenge and ask readers to send in their own  suggestions.  Awesome!  Its wonderful to  see great photos of real women  wearing real clothes.  This week they are looking at holiday dressing, something that  I have found increasingly challenging as decades go by. When I was a very  young mom, I felt great in  fashion forward looks.  For one New Year’s party I can’t foget a certain purple velvet bell bottom pants and long vest. And  I topped this  look off by a pixie haircut and a long string of beads.  But as time went  by, I turned to black  as a safety net  with a little black dress, black pants suit,   or … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Fashion Flash Monday  and I’m the host.   If anyone can make you care about fashion and beauty in the dog days of summer  it’s  the bloggers of Fashion Flash:

* Une femme d’un certain age takes her autumn color cues from a park in Paris.

* Fab Over 40 gets answers from experts to your top beauty questions with affordable, proven products.

* Female fat loss expert expert Shawna K is more than willing to answer YOUR fitness questions.  Should I work out when I’m sick?  What’s a burpee?  Check out some Q and A’s from her clients.

* Are your mani/pedis sanitary?  Fab Over Fifty has the answer.

* Prime Beauty is thrilled that the much sought after Chanel Fleur de Lotus Collection has made its way all the way from … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Fashion Flash Monday and this week the Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 are hosting.  What I especially love  about this site is the sense of detail.   For example, stripes are a big trend  for spring, but can be challenging to wear.  Fabulous After 40 found stripes not only  in a range of  tops and dresses, the Glam Gals also showed how to use the look in shoes and bags. This week  Fabulous After 40  explores Missoni style patterns  and showed how to create a long lean line  with this bold pattern.   They even found a Missoni patterned bangle to take  baby steps into this bold look.  Most fashion sites  just show images for beautiful bone thin women in expensive clothing.  Nice  but  not that helpful. Fabulous Over  40 drills down into  every look and style to  explain how to … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Kari of Fab Over Forty.  When it comes to  make-up colors, Kari has an almost intuitive sense of what works and what doesn’t.  When I  want a new lisptick or shadow, I always check her current recommendations.  She tries them all and knows which  lipsticks are too brown and  which grey liner gives the smoothest line.  This month  her post on  hair styles over forty is a must read!  She shows a gallery of styles that graze the coller bone rather than the usual advice to cut it short.

Most of the Fashion FLash sites this week  offer great holiday beauty advice.  Menopause makeover offers a healthy yet delicious champagne cocktail while over at Fabulous After 40, the GLam Gals rock  New Year’s Eve fashion.  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This weeks hosts are Fashion Flash founders The Glam  Gals of  Fabulous After 40.  I love to read their blog at the start  of each season to give me a cheat sheet on how a women over 40 can master  trends.  They decode the new ideas and then  explain how to use them in real time.  For example, plaids are  going to be  huge this year, but a grandma in a plaid mini skirt in not my idea of chic.  You’ve got to read Fabulous Over Forty to see  what smart ideas they have  for plaid.

And when you’ve clicked through all the great Fashion Flash  sites, please stop on Fab Over Fifty to grab a ticket for Beauty Bash.  Held on Oct 1&2 at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 West 18th St, this … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fabulous Over Fifty  who is putting together the final schedule of events for Beauty Bash.  This two day beauty and health expo will be held on Oct 1&2 at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York City.  The speakers are a who’s who of dermatologists, celerity hairstylists, cosmetic surgeons and makeup artists who  will be presenting their best tips as well as be available for 1-1 consultation.

And  there will be at  five Fashion Flash bloggers  who will be speaking in the event area  and who will have their own booths in beauty, fashion and  health areas at beauty Bash.  Kari of Fabulous Over Forty and I  will be sharing the stage in a joint presentation- Ten Top Make-up and Skin Care … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Fashion Flash Monday and this weeks’s host is  Jodell of Black Cat Plus.  Today  she is featuring Simply Silk, an online-label that  has a totally useable collection of simple tunics and pants topped with eye-catching  tops.   The Glam Gals at Fabulous After Forty are exploring  how to wear summer white. I’ve bought several  white pieces, but   felt I looked  huge, like a  nurse or like a huge nurse.  Now I get  it– just add color!  Hot AND exhausted?  Over at Menopause Makeover, Staness offers  great tips on dealing with sleep problems during  menopause. 

Now that bare arms  season is  here for real, I am especially aware of what I eat.  This week, I looked at The South Beach Diet.  I am really impressed by the  design of this plan  for three  key reasons:

1.  It was designed  by a … Continue Reading…