No-Nonsense Fashion -Gloves by Deb Chase

GlovesNothing says warm like a pair of gloves.  The aristocrats of accessories, gloves were once worn only by kings, princes and churchmen as a visible symbol of their wealth and authority.  Their elite image  endured for centuries and carried over to the tradition that expected  a woman to wear gloves for all occasions.

The sea change of social values that followed the 1960’s included the end of the glove culture.  Now worn primarily to keep worn,  a great looking pair of gloves can still pack a fashion wallop.  The right glove anchors the sleeve of a coat or jacket providing  an opportunity to express confidence and personality.

The Long and Short of Gloves

There are  basically five styles:

* Shorty — wrist length styles with an opening on the side or center.   Some … Continue Reading…