The Beauty of Butternut Squash

The yellow and rust colors of fall  have  made me hungry  for the sweet, fleshy meat of  winter squash.  Butternut, crook neck, turban and acorn  are shaped differently  but offer very similar  nutritional payloads.  The deep orange color is packed, I mean packed with vitamin A and beta-carotene.   One half cup of  cooked squash   can have 100-200% of  the RDA for  this essential  vitamin as well as 25% of the RDA of vitamin C.  Fat free and salt free, one half cup has 120 calories and 12 grams of carbs.   By comparison, the same amount of a white potato has about 60 calories  and the same amount of carbs.

Given the slightly stringy/gritty texture of winter squash I expected squash to  be a good source of fiber.  I was wrong.  In fact … Continue Reading…

The Anti-Aging Diet–Pears

Yesterday  was the first day of fall– and nothing says fall like a ripe juicy pear.  These  beauties  provide hydration and if you eat the skin, a nice serving of both fiber and vitamin C.  In fact one  pear provide 4 grams of fiber at the cost of  just 95 calories.  By comparison 1/2 cup of cooked beans ( famous for their fiber) have 6 grams of fiber at 150 calories.

All pears eg Anjou, Bosc, Bartlett, and Comice share the same nutritional profiles.  Most of the nutritional payload in pears is  in the skin,  so canned and cooked pears don’t have the same anti-aging benefits.

Selecting the perfect pear can be a bit challenging.  A ripe  pear is very fragile so they are always  taken off the tree when … Continue Reading…

Nutrition Close-Up: Potatoes

Experts are split into two camps  when it comes to  potatoes.  The  pro-potato people  like that  it  has  some fiber, vitamin C and potassium.  They point out that potatoes are salt and fat free and a  4 ounce serving has only 100 calories.  Filling and bland, the pro-potato  people maintain that their bad rep  comes from the oil, butter, salt, cheese aand cream that are used prepare them.  Its these other ingredients and cooking techniques that  make potatoes such a bad actor.  This  means french fries, potato chips,  mashed with cream and butter, au gratin with cheese and my personal favorite the “fully loaded” baked potato.

The anti-potato  camp are concerned with potatoes’ high glycemic index.  In a scale of 1-100, potatoes are  about a 95.  Just about the only food higher … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Fashion Flash Monday and  this week   the host is Shawna  of Fat Loss Over  Forty. After almost six months  of huddling in the heaviest sweaters I  could find its now  sleeveless dress time.  My guns are pretty white and flabby and Shawna   has great advice  for getting gorgeous arms. 

 And  with fitness on my mind, I  took another look at  Enter the Zone.   This is a hugely popular low-carb, low saturated diet book.  The author, Barry Sears  holds a PHd in biochemistry and is a former MIT researcher.  His interest in weight control stems from his focus on heart disease and the science behind The Zone diet is actually based on research that won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1982.  Impressive!  The Zone Diet is certainly backed up by a boatload of science and as a former lab rat, I value that.  

The … Continue Reading…

#1 Cause of Adult Acne

Many derms believe that   adult acne breakouts is powered by, wait for  it, three factors in  your diet.  While teenagers can blame hormones, bacteria in the pores and  increased oil production, nutritional  issues seem to be the  big trigger  over age 30.

1.  Dairy Products

There are few foods that seem as natural and  nutritious as milk.  Full of calcium  and protein, we are urged  from childhood to  have  2-3 servings of dairy  products a day.  However, along with all that protein and calcium, milk is also a source of androgen-like hormones.  Some are  naturally in a cow, but  most are the result of feeding the livestock  genetically altered hormones  in order to increse milk production. And androgen hormones are notorious acne triggers.  That’s the bad news.  The good news?  Organic … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Fashion Flash is hosted by the fabulous Black Cat Fashion Plus.   This comprehensive site  has a unique and always on point approach to fashion.  It provides a great  overview of  gorgeous things to wear  if you are not size 2 and/or under 23.  And its   the  best web  source for dresses  with, wait for it, sleeves.

And this month its National Nutrition Month and I’m exploring different diets to find the  most effective anti-aging food plan .  This first one is the DASH diet originally developed  for people with heart disease.  Its low in fat,  salt and cholesterol and rich in fruits and vegetables. So far, so good.  But it recommends up to 11 servings  of  carbohydrates,  much too  high  even  when its the “good” carbs.  It is also … Continue Reading…