Painless Hair Removal– Does It Really Exist?

Painless hair removalWhen I launched  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog, I started my  beauty treatments with a laser  to remove excess  facial hair.   It was almost my last beauty treatment.  It  hurt so  much  I nearly fell off the table as I squirmed around from the pain.  Even the quickly offered post treatment icebag  did little to help my red, burning chin.  I vowed that I would never, ever have laser hair removal again– even if I grew a full beard.

Well I guess I never should say  never.  When the  wizard of Park Avenue, aka  Dr Albert Lefkovits offered me a chance to try a truly pain-free  hair removal laser, I  couldn’t refuse.   Quite  simply  he is one of the finest physicians I have  met, and if he says LightSheer … Continue Reading…

IPL– Safe and Beautiful Results

Question:  I have heard so  many horror stories about IPL, but you had great results.  Can you tell me what machine was used and at what settings?

Answer:  I had IPL with Dr Ellen Marmur of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, so I  asked  her to answer this question.  Dr Marmur used the Luminis IPL with two handpieces– the 560nm and the 590nm.   “Both  of them focus on red spots, blood vessels and brown freckles”  she explained.  “The treatment settings vary from patient to patient based on skin color and the amount of the target to be removed.  For example, I use  lower settings for freckles to avoid over-heating the skin.’    Dr Marmur also warned against getting IPL when tanned ”   You need to avoid the sun for at least wo weeks prior to IPL treament ” she warned.

IPL Road Rules

IPL … Continue Reading…

Easy Answer to an “Old” Problem

Nothing screams “old lady”  like a couple of white hairs on your chin.  I  had started  my anti-aging plan with laser hair removal and was delighted with the results.  It hurt, took several sessions, was expensive  but  the  dark hairs were gone.  But in the last few months I was  not pleased to see the arrival of about six, tough white chin hairs.  (The photo is an extreme close-up)  I was even less happy to learn that lasers and IPL  don’t work on light colored  hairs.  What did?  The answer  is  old fashioned electrolysis. 

 I have always been afraid of electrolysis.  I’ve heard its painful and not that effective.   My college roomate  went frequently for electroysis and I remember her sitting  all night with an ice pack on her upper lip.  Now it was was … Continue Reading…