Is Hard Water “Hard” on My Skin?

Hard water questionQuestion:  I have two questions about hard water 1) Is hard water bad for my skin? and 2) what is hard water?

Answer:  LOL.  Lets start with a look at hard water in general.  The term simply means that  the water contains high levels of dissolved minerals including calcium, magnesium and dolomite.  The hardness of  water depends on its source.  Generally water in coastal areas have softer water– meaning lower mineral content while interior regions have hard water.  For example, New England, Pacific Northweat, and Hawaii have soft water while Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Arizona have hard water.

Hard water makes it hard to both lather soaps and shampoos and even harder to rinse them off. This leaves the hair hard to style and the skin irritated. Its such a common … Continue Reading…