Beauty Best Bets– Three New Favorites

When it comes to personal care products, I tend to  follow the less is more philosophy.  Rather than   shelves of different options,  I  like to  find what I think  is the best product for me — and then stick to it.  This sets the bar pretty high and a new formulation  has to be unique to find a spot in my medicine cbinet. I’ve not added  to my  Fabuous Fifteen in more than ayear but with  newly sensitive skin, I needed new options:

1.  Anti-Redness Foaming Cleanser ( Alaur, $50) — When it comes to skin care it seems that most  people start with a moisturizer.  Not me.  I think that the right cleanser is the foundation of any treatment plan.   When my skin developed a type of rosacea,  I … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Cheat Sheet# 6

#6. SPF — This is the big Kahuna of sunscreen terms.  Seeing   “SPF”  on a package gives  you confidence in a product- maybe too much confidence.

Here’s how it works:  SPF stands for “sun protection factor”.  An SPF 15 means that you can stay in the sun 15X longer without burning.  If you start burning after 10 minutes  of sun exposure, then a 15 SPF  means you can spend 10 x 15 =150 minutes in the sun without burning.   But this sounds better than it is.

Many factors affect how much sun protection you actually have in real time– how much you use, if you’re near water or sands which reflects light,  as well as heat, humidity and time of year.  To me the most interesting things I learned is an SPF 30 is not twice  as good a 15 SPF.  Who knew?

I think that the best way to view an SPF is as proof that this product has actually been … Continue Reading…

Sunscreen Anti-Aging Cheat Sheet

When I was  a twenty something,  Memorial Day was the start of a glorious tanning season.  Now that I am over forty, hot sunny days sends me scrambling  for the biggest baddest sunscreen I can find.  And each year I find myself standing in front of shelves of sunscreens until my eyes glaze over.   Should I buy oil free?  fragrance fee?  and what is Helioplex?  In the past  I grabbed a few different brands and hoped for the best.  Now that I am committed to an anti-aging program, I need to do better.   So here is the start of my sunscreen cheat sheet:

1.  Broad Spectrum — this means that  it provides protection against all types of damaging sun rays.  There are basically two types — UV A and UVB.  At one time experts believed that  UVA  was a good guy and caused the skin to tan  and UVB  was the bad guy … Continue Reading…