The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips

#3 — Cover Grey Hair

Whether its scattered white hairs or a full head of silver,  grey hair is one of the most common signs of aging — and one of the easiest to control. Think of the difference in Susan Boyle’s appearance  when  her frizzy grey curls were transformed into a sleek brown style.  Select a shade  that is slightly lighter  than your natural color.  You can use  a mascara-like  wand for  touchups  to cover small amounts of grey re-growth.   (  Color Mark is a great brand  for less than $10).  Bring  a bit of flattering light to your face by adding highlights every six months.

Laser Meets Freckles, Day 2

I woke up this  morning and ran to the mirror.  Not to see how good I looked, but how bad.  I was happy  that the vivid red spots were practically painless, but  they still looked pretty ceeepy.  ( See photo).  I had heard that a few days after treatment,  concealers don’t work that well on lasered freckles.  I had planned to  hide out in my house for the next few days, but I had to meet  a client to  tweak some  copy.   My choices were a) a veil; b) a very dark restaurant or c) try a concealer.  I  dabbed on BareMinerals foundation powder on the red spots and it worked better  than I could have hoped.  My skin looked a bit lumpy, but I would not frighten children.

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