Is It Skin Cancer?

Q&A logoQuestion:  I have  little thin red lines on the left side of my face.  I know that you have said it can be a broken blood vessel called spider veins, but since I’ve spent so much time in the sun, I wonder if it could be skin cancer. 

Answer:  Little red lines are the face are usually  small broken or swollen blood vessels.  They can be causes by high blood pressure, excess alcohol consumption or too much sun.   A blow to the face from a fall or even too aggressive massage can  also trigger their appearance.  But if you are concerned about skin cancer, I would definately have it evaluated by a dermatologist.  In fact, according to New York City dermatologist  and skin cancer expert Dr Ellen Marmur,  we  all should have a complete “skin  check”  every year.  After a summer in the sun,  early … Continue Reading…

Question: What Causes Little Red Spider Veins on My Face?

Question:  Are spider veins, those little red lines, another sign of aging?  Can Vitamin K help?

Answer:  Sometimes  spider veins   can become  more prominent as we get older, but there are actually  six  main triggerers that can provoke them at any age.

1.  Pregnancy–  the increased blood volme that is part of pregnancy can  put pressure on veins.  In the legs  it can lead to varicose veins, while on the face, little red lines can blossom.

2. Heavy drinking– alcohol tends to expand blodd vessels  and large amounts of alcohol  can expand them so much that they burst.

3. Constant exposure to heat– Are you a Top Chef ?Many kitchen pros have spider veins because they spend so much time over a hot stove.

4. High blood pressure–  the increased pressure in the veins and arteries can be the driving force behind … Continue Reading…