How Long Can I Use Retin A? by Deb Chaase

Q&A logoQuestion:  I  have been using Retin A for acne.  Whenever I try to stop, my skin starts to break out again.  How long is it safe to use Retin A?

Answer:  Short answer…forever.  Retin A  cream or gel is a powerful and effective medication for both acne and anti-aging, but it is also safe to use for  years.  The skin does not seem to become immune  to its activity and the benefits remain over time.  Studies have shown that patients  who stared using Retin A  for adolescent acne had fewer signs of aging in their forties. ( Yes,  its been around that long).

The Other Forms of Retin A

But this safety  profile is just for the gel or cream form of Retin A.  In the oral form  of Retin A called Isotretinoin ( aka Accutane)  there are strict  time limits.  … Continue Reading…