Healthy and Beautiful Sandals

Flip SandalsOnce I solved the riddle of  painful shoes, I decided to drill down and  look at different types of  footwear.  Its been years since  I had  enjoyed walking in sandals, so I decided to explore  what  made sandals so uncomfortable..  According to NYC podiatrist Dr Michael Schumacher there are three key issues  in a sandal:

1. Sandal  Cushioning

The search for  a  foot- friendly sandal starts at the bottom with  padding.  You want  a nice soft layer of rubber on the  soles and a layer of foam  on the inside of the sandal.  This would start to explain  why those uber  chic leather designer sandals are  just dialing for pain

2. Sandals Need  A Little Heel

We all know that towering heels  are never  good for the feet, … Continue Reading…