It’s Fashion Flash Monday

fashion flash logoI am so delighted that  Beth of Style At A  Certain Age is hosting Fashion Flash this week. She is a new stype of fashion icon — a real women with a real life.  She works,  she goes out with her husband, has  lunch with  friends and traels  for both business and pleasure.  And she does it with great  style for every occasion.  You have to check out  how she uses  colorful and  wearable shoes to take   jeans and sweater to another level.

Fashion Flash Seaweed Update:

Last week  I uploaded a post about the value of seaweed in skin care. Its  fast becoming  one of my favorite skin care ingredient,but I did not mention  potential problems for certain skin types.  Seaweed is  high … Continue Reading…

#1 Cause of Adult Acne

Many derms believe that   adult acne breakouts is powered by, wait for  it, three factors in  your diet.  While teenagers can blame hormones, bacteria in the pores and  increased oil production, nutritional  issues seem to be the  big trigger  over age 30.

1.  Dairy Products

There are few foods that seem as natural and  nutritious as milk.  Full of calcium  and protein, we are urged  from childhood to  have  2-3 servings of dairy  products a day.  However, along with all that protein and calcium, milk is also a source of androgen-like hormones.  Some are  naturally in a cow, but  most are the result of feeding the livestock  genetically altered hormones  in order to increse milk production. And androgen hormones are notorious acne triggers.  That’s the bad news.  The good news?  Organic … Continue Reading…