Is Fashion Flash Monday!

After a long grey cold winter  all our blogers are  bursting with fashion, health and beauty ideas.  And with pictures of the Royal Wedding ( and those hats) splashed across the media, we can’t help but think of wedding wear.  This week,  the host is Jodell of Black Cat Plus who provides wonderful wedding fashion advice. 

 And after you have explored  the Fashion Flash sites, grab a copy of New Beauty magazine. This thick mgazine is always bursting with new and detailed beauty information.  This month a favorite article looks at celebrities  who overdo  cosmetic procedures.  They include recent photos include Daryl Hannah, Meg Ryan, and Nicolette Sheridan  which show what happens  when  good people  get too much Botox and fillers.  I  have to admit that looking at the distorted appearance of once  beautiful  women  has  made me … Continue Reading…

Real Advances in the Science of Beauty

Last week I went to the annual Mount Sinai Advances in Dermatology Conference in NYC.  Begun over a decade ago as a local meeting, doctors now come from all over the world to hear  state of the art developments from the best and brightest in dermatology.  It is the creation of  Park Avenue dermatologist Albert Lefkovits– who by the way  has taken care of my daughters since they were teenagers.  He is such a good derm that I actually got flowers from a co-worker to thank me for recommending him.

By the end of the three day  meeting, I finally understood the difference between Sculptra, Radiesse, and Juvaderm, learned about the new sunscreen guidelines, and heard about  ways to deal with adult acne that  improves both breakouts  and skin aging.  Awesome!

I even found out about two new FDA approved  therapies  that hadn’t even been on my radar.  The first, Photodynamic Therapy, … Continue Reading…