A Moisturizer For All Seasons

Q&A2Question:  Is there a moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores?  When my skin gets dry from RetinA or a laser type treatment, I need to  put on a moisturizer to relieve dryness and flaking.  But whatever I try  seems to provoke acne  breakouts.  Any ideas?

Answer:  This is such a common problem and until last week I didn’t have  much of an answer.  Sometimes a moisturizer that was both oil and fragrance free would work, but often that too  could provoke problems.  Then at a recent dermatology conference in New York,  laser care expert Dr Mark Nestor of Miami recommended a  water based spray to provide moisture.  In addition to water, the spray should contain glycerin and  natural  moisturizing factors  such as hyaluronic acid. Plain water sprays would actually increase dryness but  the glycerin and hyaluronic acid would help the skin … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Advances

DERMATOLOGY CONFERENCEEach year  in December, the three day Mount Sinai conference on new developments  in dermatology is the holiday gift that keeps on giving. The best of the best   share  what they’ve discovered and how they care for  a wide range of skin, nail and hair problems.  This year the presentations were truely amazing and I got answers to long asked questions including:

* How long do  you need to stick to an acne regimen to determine if its working?  Hint: its shorter than you might think.

* How can I moisturize  the skin without clogging pores?

* Can women of color use lasers?

Founded by Dr Albert Lefkovits, this program attracts worldwide  experts both to speak and to  learn.   What I find is especially helpful is that  most of the … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Skin Care- The Fabulous Fourteen

When I started exploring anti-aging options a few months go, I had  just three go-to products.  It wasn’t that I didn’t care — I just didn’t know what my skin  truely needed. Too many times  I would be vulnerable  to  great sales pitch and find that the expensive “miracle cream”  either did nothing or  made my face break-out.  Now that I am testing out wrinkling fighting tools and techniques, I had to try out  an endless buffet of skin care products.  Trial and lots of error  has resulted in a group of cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens that deliever on their  promises.  I call them my “Fabulous Fourteen” and today I have uploaded that list in the blog tab ” Beauty Tool Kit”.  I explain  how to use  them, how they  work and  how much they cost.  I have only one face and can’t try out everything, so I would love to hear about your go-to products.

IPL– Five Top Questions

IPL laser treatments are one of the fastest growing anti-aging  office proceedures.  When I  had IPL and posted the before, healing and after  photos, I received more questions than on any other topic.   IPL is often described as the “lunchtime laser”, but its really a bigger deal than say,  a manicure.   What I learned from the experience should  give you the tools to get the beautiful results  you want

1.  Can I have IPL while pregnant?

It’s not recommended.  IPL has never been tested during pregnancy and few if any dermatologists would do the procedure during these critical nine months. If anyone says they will do  it at this time,  run.

2.  Can I have IPL on my hands?

Yes, it works beautifully  on the hands and probably heals faster than the YAG laser I used on my hands last month.  However IPL is more expensive than the traditional laser treatment on the same area.

3. … Continue Reading…

Valued Added Anti-Aging Hand Care

Ten days after getting zapped with a laser, my hands are getting gorgeous.  Not only are the brown spots gone, I’d forgotten  that lasers also tighten  the skin.  On my hands that  means  less lines and wrinkles.    I really love that this  procedure has  double duty benefits and I enjoy seeing  my smoother hands free of age spots.  Now they match my plans for the future. 

During the day I used  Neutrogena Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin 30 SPF ( with zinc oxide) while the spots were healing.  Now they are just a little  pink, I switched to Aveeno Continuous Protection 100 SPF  which  has both chemical and physical sunscreens.   I never thought of using sunscreen on my hands  and they looked it.  Now protecting my hands will be part of my … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Hand Care, Part 4

 On Day  6 after the YAG laser treatment, the  spots on my hands are totally painless, a bit less red, but still  attract shock and awe.  ( I  think its part of the fear of bed bugs thing)  The big boy bandaids that I bought at CVS covered my hands, but the adhesive edges irritated the lasered areas.  The dressings provided by  Dr Marmur after the procedure did a much better job, but turned out to be  hard to find. Finally located them at a local surgical supply store. Dr M had tried to give me a supply of  these Telfa dressings, but I choose that moment to go macho– and waved  off the need for a covering.Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Hands, part 3

The day fter the laserering of my hands, the spots feel totally healed.  They still look pretty red, but  they are not at all painful.  Rather than cover them  up with the dressings Dr M gave me, I decided to  use the same concealer that worked so well when I  lasered the age spots on my face– and off I  went for the day.

The no- bandaid decision was probably not my best idea.  The concealer quickly wore off and I realized that my raw laser treated hands  were getting way to much exposure to UV rays.  I ducked into Hampton Chutney, an UWS restaurant for lunch and was halfway thru my sandwich and perfect Indian ice coffee when  a preganat woman stopped by my table.

“Excuse me, but … Continue Reading…

Younger Looking Hands, Part 2

When it comes to lasers, by this time I know the drill.  If I had been using Retin A or Triluma on my hands, I would have had to stop 2-3 days earlier.  One hour before the treatment I dabbed on a numbing cream made with lidocaine. ( Its available only with a prescription).  Dr Marmur slipped on a pair of  red goggles, gave me  a pair to put on  and aimed a YAG laser at the top of my hands. I hardly felt a thing.  I’ve got a pretty low tolorance to pain, so if I say somethings doen’t hurt, trust me, it doesn’t hurt.

As I sat  in the treatment chair, the spots turned white and crusty.  Dr  Marmur gave me  tubes of Aquaphot to put on the fried spots and  a packet of  large, self adhesive  bandaids to  cover the tops of the hands.  By the time I was at the … Continue Reading…