The Red Carpet Routinue

Its award season in Hollywood and every week there seems to be an endless parade of perfect people on the red carpet.  While its certainly true that many  of these celebs are winners of the lucky gene pool– and they have a pit crew of people to work on their hair, make-up and gowns.  But according to my actress friend and her stylist, red carpet perfection rests on four easy, quick and  best of all, affordable steps.  And I found it really cool that three of the four were steps  I had  already tried out in my anti-aging  journey. 

Total costs for the home grown Red Carpet Routine is about $100 in NYC– and probably less in other parts of the country.  And you don’t have to save it just for weddings and Bar- Mitzahs.  These four steps  are a great prep for  a  job interview, first  date, blind  date, high school school reunion … Continue Reading…

A Younger Smile In One Hour

When it comes to beauty projects, not only do I need to be able to see results, I need the results to be discernable to to others.  And  Zoom did both.  My  teeth  were brighter and whiter both in person and in photos.  In the photo  on the left, my teeth before  treatment.  On the right, my teeth after Zoom. 

To keep it up, my teeth need to be cleaned  at least twice a year and I have to  use the bleaching tray at least once a week.  Since my bottom teeth tend to become darker than my top, ( its not uncommon) the Zoom technician suggested that after the first hour with both trays, I then  refill the bottom tray and keep that on for another hour.  Great tip!

The Zoom lightening … Continue Reading…

The Anti-Aging Smile

When we think about aging, its usually about lines and wrinkles.  But aging is more, much more.  And one of the most overlooked signs of aging is yellowed teeth.  Years of  strong coffee, red wine, cigarettes and  just plain time  will turn youthful white teeth dark and less attractive.  That’s the bad news.  The good news? Its really safe and easy to bring back the white.

My teeth are  in pretty good shape with no breaks, spaces or odd shapes.  But my love of strong tea and coffee had left their mark. Despite regular cleanings ,my teeth were definately yellowed. Over the years I have tried  those sticky strips you can buy in the drugstore, but the results were not wonderful.  I decided  to get serious  and try  a professional tooth whitening  procedure called Zoom.

The Zoom process  has three steps:

Step 1:   The dentist takes an impression of the teeth to  make a … Continue Reading…