There’s A Reason They Call them Age Spots

Its now been  five days since Dr Marmur aimed a laser at my  brown spots.   I called them freckles, but in truth  they were age spots.  Less than a week  after the procedure, the small scabs have fallen off and the skin is slightly pink where once it was brown.   I am really surprised how much difference the absence of dark spots makes on the appearance of  my complexion.  The new skin clarity allows  the improvements from Retin A and home peels ( better texture, color and tone) to shine right  through.

The difference   was instantly apparent to my friend Maria.  Tall and beautiful, she is a women who certainly  knows her way around beauty options.   As soon as she walked  though the door she peered at me ” you look great” she exclaimed ”  What have you had done?

Laser treatment of my age spots cost $325 and I think it was  money very well spent.  … Continue Reading…