No-Nonsense Beauty– The Newsletter

I love to dig  into beauty problems and their solutions and post what I find.  In my research I’ve come across  great information that just doesn’t fit into my blog format.   There are new studies on skin care, nutrition and fitness  that I think  would interest you as much as  they did me.

I also have been trying to  find a solid way of reviewing and recommending products that  compare different options at different prices.  Its time-consuming and I only have one face, so a regular  weekly or even bi-weekly feature  is just not going to happen.

To find a home for  this info I decided to publish a free, quarterly No-Nonsense Beauty Newsletter.  I was one of the founding editors of the Berkeley Newsletter and I love the format.  A newsletter allows me to … Continue Reading…

LED Lights for Wrinkles- Week One

I passed the  skin  sensitivity test  for Lightstim LED lights  with flying colors. This week I began actually using  the device to reduce  signs of aging.   The instructions for LightStim   were super simple:

1. Gently place  the  LED device against the skin in  the area to be treated.

2. Hold the device on that spot for 3 minutes.

3. Repeat again every night for at least six to eight months.

During the treatment period,  I can’t use retinoids or exfoliating scrubs.  However Clarisonic and LED lights are a great combo so I can continue to use one of my favorite beauty tools.  I also need to be extra compulsive about using a sunscreen since  these lights can increase suseptibility to the sun.

This  FDA approved LED device can be used on all  facial wrinkles.  But before investing theContinue Reading…

Anti-Aging LED Light at Home

When I first heard about LED lights I thought it sounded like a plot line from the Sci-Fi Chanel.  Turns out that red and blue LED (Light Emiting Diode) lights can actually produce physicial changes in the skin. Studies have shown that the wavelengths of red  LED lights apparently activate fibroblasts in the skin,  This is  very good news because fibroblasts  stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin which are essential for smooth firm skin.

Anti-aging LED treatments are offered in spas and doctors offices and need to be used  in a series of appointments.  This can run into quite a bit of money, so I was delighted when the FDA approved  a handheld home LED device.   This week I went to the International Beauty Show and stopped at the LightStim  … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Beauty Care– The Truth is Out There

I recently spent two incredible days at a joint conference of the  Health and Beauty Association (HBA) Expo and the 2010 Spa and Resort Medical Aesthetics Conference at the Javits Center in New York.  I’ve been to  many academic programs/ trade shows, and have often been disapointed, but this one really delivered information I could use.

The educational sesions gave me cutting edge developments in anti-aging skin care, all backed up  with first class research including:

* Why women of color  should not use IPL

* How to use cosmetotextiles to firm and smooth your skin

* Which anti-oxidents really deliver for your skin

* What to look for in a peptide  anti-aging  moisturizer

The exhibit section was equally interesting, showing home LED tooth whitening, Clarisonic opal eye roller, and  the Canfield facial imaging system … Continue Reading…

The Anti-Aging iphone App

It sounds like a missing Outer Limits episode– red and blue lights from a phone that can cure acne, heal wounds and diminish wrinkles.  But there is actually good science behind it.  Called LED  ( Light Emitting Diode) lights, the different colored lights  have different skin benefits.  The blue lights kill bacteria in the pores which are linked to acne breakkouts; the red lights have been shown to increase natural skin collagen and elastin– thus reducing signs of  aging. 

If you are lucky enough to have an iphone, you can download  these LED lights for less than $2.  You simply select the  color of  light that meets your needs and hold the phone against the skin for two minutes.  These LED lights are also used in spa facials,  offered by dermatologists, and available in specialized home  LED models.  Keep in mind that while the wavelength of the LED lights in the iphone are the … Continue Reading…