LED Lights for Wrinkles- Week One

I passed the  skin  sensitivity test  for Lightstim LED lights  with flying colors. This week I began actually using  the device to reduce  signs of aging.   The instructions for LightStim   were super simple:

1. Gently place  the  LED device against the skin in  the area to be treated.

2. Hold the device on that spot for 3 minutes.

3. Repeat again every night for at least six to eight months.

During the treatment period,  I can’t use retinoids or exfoliating scrubs.  However Clarisonic and LED lights are a great combo so I can continue to use one of my favorite beauty tools.  I also need to be extra compulsive about using a sunscreen since  these lights can increase suseptibility to the sun.

This  FDA approved LED device can be used on all  facial wrinkles.  But before investing theContinue Reading…

Anti-Aging LED Light at Home

When I first heard about LED lights I thought it sounded like a plot line from the Sci-Fi Chanel.  Turns out that red and blue LED (Light Emiting Diode) lights can actually produce physicial changes in the skin. Studies have shown that the wavelengths of red  LED lights apparently activate fibroblasts in the skin,  This is  very good news because fibroblasts  stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin which are essential for smooth firm skin.

Anti-aging LED treatments are offered in spas and doctors offices and need to be used  in a series of appointments.  This can run into quite a bit of money, so I was delighted when the FDA approved  a handheld home LED device.   This week I went to the International Beauty Show and stopped at the LightStim  … Continue Reading…