Are E- Cigarettes Safe For Your Skin?

Question and Answer about Retin AQuestion– I know that cigarettes can cause heart and lung problems as well as wrinkles ,  but I’ve heard that e-cigarettes are  healthier. Is this true?

Answer–  Since  November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month this is  the perfect time to answer this question. Electronic  or e-cigarettes are battery powered devices that produce a nicotine infused vapor which is inhaled by the user and absorbed through the airways.  These products  have been offered as a less expensive and safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and as an aid for smoking cessation.   But  with the addition of flavorings  like buble gum and chocolate has  raised its appeal especially  among  teenagers.

E-CigarettesHealth Concerns of E-Cigarettes

The heart and lung problems of nicotine and tobacco   are all too real and most doctors  … Continue Reading…