When does a beauty product expire?

Question:  Last year I bought a spendy   night cream that I only use when my skin is very dry.  How long can it be safe and effective?

Answer:  Great question! Researching this question certainly opened my eyes and resulted  in a major clean-out of my  beauty arsenal.  Turns out that  there are two different time frames to consider:

(1) How long will a product last unopened ?

(2) How long can you use a skin/hair care product  after it is opened?

Most experts feel  that, in general, an unopened product will stay usable up to three years ( 36 months)   after manufacture before it expires.  But once its opened, different types of beauty aids  have varying lifespans.   Where it used and  whats in the formula  have a big impact on longevity. Water based formulations  have a shorter shelf life that those that are oil … Continue Reading…