Can Women of Color Use Retin A?

I get frequent questions from Asian and Latina readers who are interested in using Retin A , but are concerned about the side effects.  On one hand Retin A has the ability to lighten  dark patches  and make  the skin look fresher and brighter.  On the other hand Retin A can be very irritating– and deeper skin tones tend to develop darkened areas when inflamed.

There’s a boatload of conflicting advice about the topic and I needed  an expert to provide answers.  Asking my colleagues  in beauty for the best source of information, I was referred to the noted Chicago-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr Seven Dayan.  In addition to seeing patients, Dr Dayan is the founder of DeNova Research, a center that  has extensive experience studying skin care in … Continue Reading…

Measuring Tri-luma

Looking  at my facial imaging photos  ( posted on Oct 8), I saw that that there were two  dark patches under my eyes–  also known as  under eye shadows.  It showed that this was not from indentation creating dark hollows, but true accumulations of sun damage and melanin.  That’s the bad news.  The good news?  This  is the job that Tri-luma was  born to handle.

I had  used Tri-luma last  spring and was pleased with the results, but  this triple powered crem cannot be used indefinately, so I had stopped using it for several months.  I also realized that dealing with  hyperpigmentation under the eyes is not a short term problem.  The cells which produced so much melanin have a very long memory.  They are born to make melanin and given  the right circulstances  — sun exposure and stress– the cells again fill up with  dark pigment.   

But this time, I have another tool.  I … Continue Reading…

It Almost Worked!

After a really long , cold, grey winter I was elated to ditch my black pants for a short summer dress.  I pulled out my new olive green  J.Crew dress and trotted over to the mirror to check it all out.  The dress looked fine, but the two white pasty legs that stuck out from the knee length hem just didn’t work for me.  Before I started this anti-aging program I would  have headed out to the park  to toast my bare  legs to  a nice healthy color.   Now that I have become  hyper-vigilent about sun damage, I decided it was time to explore the world of sunless tanners.

I’ve always been hesitant about these products.  I love a bit of color but did not want that orange hue where I looked like the newsest cast member of Jerseylicious. I was also concerned that sunless sprays would go wild and discolor my newly renovated … Continue Reading…