Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Staness of Menopause Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash. Athough  menopause is  in my rearview  mirror, I love the health  and fitness info on this comprehensive site.  She has an indepth,  yet entertaining approach to woman’s health that  is such an asset for women of any age.   Her new book from Harlequin, coming out  in the spring, will be a comprehensive  look at our health isues and solutions. She  has interviewed dozrns og top experts  in  a wide range of fields to  drill down to the  most up to date  data and options.   Its so good Its going to be my gift book of the year.

Feet at Fashion WeekThe Feet of Fashion Week

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This  week the host of Fashion Flash  is Staness of Menopause Makeover. In addition to timely medical  advice and a great  health calculator and record keeper,   IMO Staness has some of the best low calorie recipes on the web.  This week I was looking for something to bring to a Super Bowl Party on Feb  3 that would not lower  the life expectancy of  the assembled sports fans.  Standard Super Bowl buffets  usually feature buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing, nachos with cheese and meat and every kind of chip on the planet.   I road tested the turkey chili recipe  from Staness and  it was perfect.  According to Staness, the  heat from  the  chili peppers increase   metabolism so that I actually burn calories as I eat it.  This chili is also  high in iron ( from the turkey) and in vitamin C ( from the tomatoes, … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Jodell of  Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash. Her posts are always on point  and packed with fresh ideas and information.  Check out  her  take on  the new line of plus sign of clothing from Adele and Burberry, plus size beauty pagents and   fashion tips for work and play  when you are a plus size forty something chick.

October is also Menopause Awareness  Month.  Last week   I took a  look at beauty issues that  are  co-travelers with menopause  that include dry skin  and hair loss.  For diet advice that really delivers  look at Menopause Makeover that offers  nutritional advice  to deal with  post menopause weight gain.  And no, its not inevitable and irreversible.

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover.  I wish her site  had been there   during my menopause years.  Its packed  with  truely helpful info in a upbeat positive voice.  But you don’t have to be  in full blown menopause to appreciate Menopause  Makeover.  The ideas and advice are equally valuable for  perimenopause  when things  just  don’t seem to be right and post  menopause when things are  just  not the same.

I’m always looking for new ways to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables  in my meals.  I’ve been exploring  new  items like spelt and flaxseed, but I keep falling  back  to my usual habits– tuna on whole wheat and dry grilled chicken breasts.  This summer I picked up a little paperback that has changed  both my food … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Staness of Menopause Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash.  Each  time  I  click on this site, I wish  it had  been there when I went through menopause.  It can be a hard and isolating  journey.  From the first day you realize that turtlenecks are no longer an option to  scary medical reports,  menopause  is a time when you need a smart, caring friend– and Menopause Makeover is  just that.   Staness  offers great  emotional  support and  state of the art  scientific  developments in an upbeat and supportive way.  The site is packed with  accurate, balanced advice as well as some of the best healthy recipes on the web.

Strand Bookstore in NYC  is  three  floors of  new and used books, all at discount.  Wandering through the aisles last week, I picked up a … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover. Menopause is more than  just the end of your period, much more.   This amazing site has the health, diet and fitness info you need to deal with these changes.  This  time of life can radically alter metabolism.  I’ve always had to  count calories and could only stare enviously as my skinny friends ate anything they wanted.  Menopause  now has made us equals. Formerly trim friends  now  have to learn  new ways of eating to  keep their weight down– and Menopause Makeover offers  the tools they need.

And when you’ve explored Menopause Makeovers (  try her Noble Prize worthy  recipe for low carb,high  protein waffles), check out a new beauty book by one of the most respected dermtologists in the world.  Dr Neil Sadick … Continue Reading…