Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is the host of Fashion Flash.   I have to admit that I am intimidated  by descriptions of  celebrity fitness programs. The intensity, the  pit crew of specialists to assist them,  the amount of  time and energy is overwhelming– and way above my pay scale.  What I love about Shawna’s  blog and DVD’s  is  that not only  are  the exercise programs  so doable, but  she shares real time success stories.  When a fifty something   schoolteacher works  diligently to lose weight  for a wedding, now that is something that  inspires  me.  I can relate to  the  people  who have worked her method and if they can do it, then   I can too. 

 This summer I published the  first No-Nonsense Beauty  NewsletterContinue Reading…

No-Nonsense Beauty– The Newsletter

I love to dig  into beauty problems and their solutions and post what I find.  In my research I’ve come across  great information that just doesn’t fit into my blog format.   There are new studies on skin care, nutrition and fitness  that I think  would interest you as much as  they did me.

I also have been trying to  find a solid way of reviewing and recommending products that  compare different options at different prices.  Its time-consuming and I only have one face, so a regular  weekly or even bi-weekly feature  is just not going to happen.

To find a home for  this info I decided to publish a free, quarterly No-Nonsense Beauty Newsletter.  I was one of the founding editors of the Berkeley Newsletter and I love the format.  A newsletter allows me to … Continue Reading…