Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week Moving Free with Mirabai ishosting Fashion Flash  and  her advice could not come at a better time.  Freezing February weather  has sent my usual fitness routine into hibernation.  Mirabai  has literally dozens of  exercise  programs to deal with every need at every exercise level.   And if you have back of knee problems  her  chair exercise  CD’s  will take away  any excuse to avoid exercise.

I first  met Lois Joy Johnson, author of  The Wardrobe Wakeup  when I was working with branding guru Faith Popcorn and she was the beautywake up editor at Ladies Home Journal.   She often talked about doing a book on style and  now its finally here– and it was worth the wait.   Even better  its about  dressing beautifully  over forty.  I love her approach to fashion that  combines clear lines that deliver a big impact.

She helps you shop from your closet to use what you already have  and what to look for  if you  need to update   your wardrobe.  She has  great explanations for   terms  like “black tie” and “cocktail party” for the 40 plus  body, giving real examples that are simple to follow. For example  she says that black tie means “you are going to the Oscars as a guest, not a nominee”.

For  “business attire”  Johnson recommends adding a one or two dressy embellishments like a silky blouse or a wow necklace to your every day work wear.  And  Johnson   finally has given me a real sense of what to wear when the invite says–” casual chic”.  Johnson suggests  a knit dress with python shoes and a stack of colorful bangles.  Now I get it.

The book is packed with  new  fashion insights– or at least they are new to me. She convinced me that a  one shoulder dress is better than strapless when  you’re no longer an ingenue.Wardrobe Wakeup  uses real life  women to model the clothes.  They have hips, busts,  a few lines, and look  absolutely beautiful.

One final thought.  Wardrobe Wakeup is also the quintessential book on New York Style.  People often ask me  how New Yorkers look so chic.  This book tells you how its done.

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Staness of Menopause Makeover is the host of Fashion Flash.  What makes  her site unique is the blend of nutrition and health issues specifically for women over 40.  Her personal touch makes it fun and easy to read, and her hard hitting health research make it a site you can trust.  I also  have to admit I’m almost addicted to her recipe for turkey chili.  When the weather turns  cold as it thas this week in NYC, I scramble for the ingredients to make  up a big pot.

Fab Over Forty has another  must read article in  Fashion Flash–  IMO the best article I’ve seen on cellulite creams.  It explains what creams and machine can and cannot do and how they  make changes albeit temporary, in your skin.  I learned that  many creams contain caffeine which temporarily change skin contours.  Cellulite machine provide lipomassage  which reduce  fat cell volume   and increase  blood and lymph circirculation.  Now that I  know  how it works I’m curious to see  how it works on me.

When you’ve finished clicking through Fashion FLash, I  recommend checking out a new edition of  a book  that should be in  your beauty library.   ” A Consumer’s Guide of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter  has a pretty dry title, but the info inside is amazing. From  Acai to  Menthol to Zinc Oxide, this book explains where the ingredients came from, how it is used and if its safe and or effective.   I used an early edition of this book to help we write No-Nonsense Beauty Book in the 80’s and I’m so psyched that  the author has continued to update it.  When a  new product or claim comes out, its the first place I look to see if  its based on science or science fiction.   Its available in paperback ($7-18)  on Amazon and  its a great beauty investment.