Its’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI’m hosting Fashion Flash this week and I am so excited that fall is  just a few days away.  This week I realized that I was bored with my summer  clothes and looking forward to  “sweater weather”.  This week the Fashion Flash bloggers are also  feeling  the changes in the seasons:

*  After a  long hot summer, our hair needs a little extra help.  See the fabulous results that Prime Beauty got for her thinning hair from Visiscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements– and enter to win a lifetime supply.

* Josephine of Chic At Any Age has the inside track on packing for an autumn trip to London.

* Fashion blogger Pam Lutell  of Over 50 Feeling 40 shows us five chic ways to … Continue Reading…

No Nonsense Fashion: Recycle with H &M

No-Nonsense Fashion-- Recycle with H&MAlthough I would honestly admit to being  a shopaholic, the chaos  and excess of holiday shopping overwhelms me.   Not only is there  just so much stuff  out there, I  can’t forget that it  winds up in  ever growing  dump sites. When I saw the bins for the H& M recycling program, a light went on in my brain.

No-Nonsense  Recycling

The concept is so  simple and just about perfect.   You bring in  unwanted clothing into H&M which will send in on to to a processing plant.  Those items that can be reworn  will be sold as second hand  goods.  The rest will be recycled into textiles for new  clothing or industrial  use such as auto insulating or cleaning rags.  This not only declutters  your drawers … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion –THe POSH Sale by Deb Chase

If you ever wondered how  New York City women get their style here is one key– the annual  POSH sale.   For more than 30 years, each spring the rich and  famous donate their lightly  used designer duds to raise money for the Lighthouse Guild.

The sale  is often held at the Plaza  or the Pierre hotel.  The  rooms of   clothing and furnishings are beautifull organized.   Rolling racks are crammed with nearly new  furs, cashmere coats, evening gowns,  and sportwear while tables are piled   high with shoes and bags.   The prices, well the prices are up to 90% off original retail price tags.  The sale lasts  3 days  and each day they bring out  new wonders.  On the last day, the organizers start  dropping the already low prices.

I think  my favorite  part of the sale is the communal dressing room where New Yorkers  drop their normal reserve along with … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion -Gloves by Deb Chase

GlovesNothing says warm like a pair of gloves.  The aristocrats of accessories, gloves were once worn only by kings, princes and churchmen as a visible symbol of their wealth and authority.  Their elite image  endured for centuries and carried over to the tradition that expected  a woman to wear gloves for all occasions.

The sea change of social values that followed the 1960’s included the end of the glove culture.  Now worn primarily to keep worn,  a great looking pair of gloves can still pack a fashion wallop.  The right glove anchors the sleeve of a coat or jacket providing  an opportunity to express confidence and personality.

The Long and Short of Gloves

There are  basically five styles:

* Shorty — wrist length styles with an opening on the side or center.   Some … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion– Pearls

No-Nonsense Fashion -Pearls Real, cultured or fake,  pearls flatter women of any age, shape size or coloring.  Glowing with light , they  can be worn with equal ease  with casual sportswear, tailored business  suits, and  revealing evening wear. Pearls are generous, sharing their  luminous glow with your skin and  hair.  They are the ultimate team players of accessories generously complementing rather than demanding attention.

How Pearls are Made

Pearls  are created when a  tiny  foreign object ( like  grain of sand) drifts into the shell of an oyster or mussel. To ease the discomfort of the  intruder, the mollusk secretes a white crystalline substance called nacre to coat the irritant.  The layers of this material on the grain of sand eventually  produces a pearl.  In real pearls, the irritants sweep into the shell from the ocean floor.  In clutured … Continue Reading…

Introducing No-Nonsense Fashion

No-Nonsense FashionI love  to get honest, effective answers for just about everything.  I’ve researched the best way to calm a fussy baby ( swaddle them), the best apple pie recipe ( cook apples first)  and  the right way to prevent  skin aging ( wear a sunscreen even in winter).   Sometimes the research  was for an article or a client and sometimes  it was just to answer my own questions–  but I always dug, for  not just the answer  but the backstory behind the answer.

I love to find out how  things work  like why  Retin A works for both acne and aging, or why smoking causes wrinkles.  But  my favorite backstories deal  with fashion.  I am endlessly fascinated not only  by the clothes we wear, but how they came  … Continue Reading…