Should I Use A Moisturizer with My Sunscreen?

Question and answer about beautyI’ve received quite  a few emails  asking what moisturizer I use  with  my sunscreen.  Actually I don’t.  I’m not a big  fan of layering products on my skin.   Its hard enough  for bare skin to absorb ingredients in a single  product.  I can’t  help but think  that adding a separate moisturizer interferes  with absobption  of sun protection chemicals.  And thats  what they have to do to be effective.  Rather than sit on  your face  like a ski mask, most  sunblocks   work within the skin to deal with UV rays.

If you have dry skin or if you are using Retin A and you feel   as if  your skin is thirsty using  just a sunblock, I have two suggestions:

1.  Rather  than using a traditional sunscreen, use a moisturizer than also has an SPF of at least 30.  In fact  my … Continue Reading…

Sunscreen Anti-Aging Cheat Sheet

When I was  a twenty something,  Memorial Day was the start of a glorious tanning season.  Now that I am over forty, hot sunny days sends me scrambling  for the biggest baddest sunscreen I can find.  And each year I find myself standing in front of shelves of sunscreens until my eyes glaze over.   Should I buy oil free?  fragrance fee?  and what is Helioplex?  In the past  I grabbed a few different brands and hoped for the best.  Now that I am committed to an anti-aging program, I need to do better.   So here is the start of my sunscreen cheat sheet:

1.  Broad Spectrum — this means that  it provides protection against all types of damaging sun rays.  There are basically two types — UV A and UVB.  At one time experts believed that  UVA  was a good guy and caused the skin to tan  and UVB  was the bad guy … Continue Reading…