Diet for Beauty– Day One

Its  hard to open up a health or beauty magazine without an article that links diet and beautiful skin.  While its certainly a no-brainer that what we eat affects how we look I want substantive claims that directly link good nutrition  to smooth younger looking skin.   

Some of the best evidence comes from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, aka  the NHANES study.  This  long ( ten year), large  (17K  men and women) study  compared daily food intake with a wide range of health issues including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  But what makes this a must  keep study for me is the relationship they studied between diet and wrinkles.  To bottom line it, the NHANES found that  people on diets  high in protein, fiber, vitamin C, linoleic acid and omega 3  are linked to FEWER wrinkles.

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Question and Answers

Question– Last week you recommended mussels because they were high in omega 3 fatty acids. How much omega 3 should I be getting?

Answer– I’ve received  several similar questions this week  and it actually took a bit of digging  to find an accurate answer.  Unlike nutrients like vitamin C or minerals like iron, there are no universal standards   to support a recommended daily allowance ( RDA).  Rather  boards of scientists have looked at  different nutritional studies to come up with a number  where they can say  offers health benefits.  In most cases, doctors examined  heart disease trials  to see how much omega 3  is needed to protect against cardiac problems.  Most of the experts established that the daily minimum for  health benefits of omega 3 is about 400mg/day.  At the other end,  they recommended  a maximum of 3000mg og daily omega … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Powers of Mussels

I like mussels and I was  so psyched to learn how much of a nutritional punch they packed.  One 3 ounce serving of shelled mussels contains  an entire daily supply of selenium and 3X  the RDA for vitamin B12.  But wait there’s  more .  That little serving  offers 10 grams of  protein at a mere 70 calories and mussels  have less cholesterol than  any other shellfish.  And I’ve saved the best for last–  3 ounces of mussels  have almost a gram of those anti-aging omega-3 fatty acids–  2-3x the amount of  most  fish including sole, haibut, cod, shrimp and clams.    And then there is the price.  Mussels are  just about the most affordable of all fish, currently just $3.99/lb at the new Fairway that just opened in my hood. 

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