Invisalign, Take 2

Last year I tried to get Invisalign orthodenture, but “Dr Braces” as  I call her said I was not a candidate.  Instead she offered a plan that started by extracting four back teeth.  Then full metal permanent  braces for at least two years and at the cost of at least 10 grand.   I got out of that office so fast I left skid marks.

This year at Beauty Bash ( the lifestyle expo created by Geri Brin at  Fabulous Over Fifty, I made a point to touch base with the cosmetic dentists.  I was especially impressed by Dr Jaqueline Fulop-Goodling  aka Dr Jackie.  She is one of the top Invisalign dentists in the US.  I was impressed by both her credentials and her dazzling smile.

 From the first  moment I  walked into her  … Continue Reading…