Can Baby Powder Cause Cancer?

Baby PowderFor generations, Johnson& Johnson baby powder has been a symbol of    healthy baby care. But this week a second jury decided that Johnson and Johnson  failed to warn a woman of the increased risks of ovarian cancer from their baby powder– and awarded  her $52 million in damages. .   But  does  baby powder pose a real  health hazard?   Its not a simple yes and no answer.


Baby Powder 101

Most brands of baby powder  are made from talc. This natural mineral contains magnesium, oxygen, silicates, and asbestos. We use the powder between our  thighs to reduce chafing and on sanitary napkins, and diaphragms.  Doctors believe that microscopic particles of talc  are able to travel up the reproductive tract and become embedded in the ovries. … Continue Reading…

September is National Ovarian Cancer Month

Skin Care during Cancer TreatmentSeptember is National Ovarian Cancer Month– a disease that affects 22,000  women annually  in the US. At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog we get frequent skin care questions from women with  different types of cancers on  dealing with skin problems with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. .

Life  saving chemotherapy  can  dehydrate the skin because  this category of medication shuts down  both oil and sweat gland activity.  This sudden and severe loss of moisture  produces intense dry areas, itching,redness, sensitivity and inflammation.  Nails   are also  hit hard with destruction of the cuticle and even the loss of the nail itself.  Radiation can be equally damaging. The intense heat can produce a painful sunburn, peeling and blistering.  Both chemo and rdiation can leave the skin especially vulnerable to infection.

When Cancer Becomes Personal

In … Continue Reading…