Is EOS Lip Balm a Health Hazard?

reaction to EOSPhotos of a bad reaction to EOS lip bam seems to be everwhere.  Los Angeles  resident  Rachel Cronin claims that EOS  lip balm caused   her to develop ” boils and blisters on and around her lips.  The photos are vivid and Cronin has hired  legendary attorney Mark Geragos and filed a class action suit against EOS. The number of people in the suit is not yet known, but there are  many reports  of  similar reactions o the EOS Facebook pages.

Causes of EOS Problems

There is no clear cause of the bad reaction.  Dr Marie Jhin, a  San Fransisco based  dermatologist, was quoed in the Huffington Post  pointing to the vitamin E ( tocopherol) in the lip balm.  While vitamin E is an effective antioxidant its … Continue Reading…