Pomegranate- The Antioxidant Rock Star

antioxidant rich pomegranatesThe gorgeous red color of a pomegranate seems to shout health and beauty.  Nutritionally pomegranates have  decent amount of vitamin C and fiber, but its the uber  payload of antioxidants that have given them a rock star status.  Lots of foods have antioxidants, but pomegranates have lots of differen types of antioxidants.   Each day  we are assaulted by free radicals from a range of sources including pollution,  alcohol, stress, sunlight, smoking and junk food. Different types of free radicals need different anti-oxidants and pomegrantes antioxidnts include catichins, anthrocyaninins, tannins, polyphenols,flavinoids and ellagic acid.  This is a serious list of free radical fighters and there is an equally serious list of potential hea lth benefits.

 A Pomegrante for Your Heart

Reseach has suggested that pomegrantes can lower bood pressure, reduce cholesterol, … Continue Reading…