Retin A Road Rules

I get more questions about Retin A than just about any other topic.  I believe that  this retinoid is the foundation of anti-aging skin care- but it can be tricky to use effectively.  The package insert  never tells  you the important stuff like what’s the difference between the  available brands,  kind of cleanser to use, and  should you put a moisturizer on before or after the Retin A.

Ten years ago I tried Retin A and gave up after a week or two.  Now ten years older, I really needed to use it and I was determined to become a Retin A master.  I have been writing about my Retin A journey and posting the results, but its annoying to  have to track back through the archives to get the answer to a … Continue Reading…

Retinol vs Retinoid

Retinol and retinoid  sound so similar, its easy to think they are the same thing.  Not really.  Retinoids , available only by prescription,  have been proven to  change aging skin, starting deep in the lower layers of the skin.  Countless studies  have shown that retinoids can both prevent and reverse UV damage, increase circulation and reduce aging inflammation. Because retinoids make organic changes in the skin they can  unwanted albeit temporary problems including flaking and redness.

By contrast retinols are a much milder form of retinoids.  Applied to the surface of the skin, they slowly are converted into true retinoids, but at a much lower concentration.   The good news is that are much less irritating.  The bad news?  They  produce less dramatic improvements.    I have read that retinols have about 1/4  the strength of retinoids.  This means that a .4%  Retinol is equal to a .1% Retinoid.   However most of the drug and department  store products with … Continue Reading…

Retin A Options

I have been using Retin A Micro for several months and I’m thrilled  with the results.  There are also several other types of  Retin A products ( available only by prescription) that you should know about.  In addition I’m going  to decribe  two new types of  retinoids  that   have different features that could be of value.

1.  Retin A — This is the granddaddy of anti-aging products and has volumes of research behind it.  Its now available in a generic version that costs less than $30 online.  By comparison the drugstore price for the brand name Retin A is about @$120/tube. This is one of the strongest  forms of Retin A and you  should follow the rules  very carefully to avoid irritation– its worth it and the savings are amazing.

2. Retin-A Micro-  This is the form that I currently use.  It has  two strengths–.o4%  and .1%.  It is … Continue Reading…