What’s New in Acne Care?

AcneJune is  Acne Awareness Month and it seemed like the perfect time to  search  out  the best  new acne care options.  Acne is an equal opportunity pest.   It affects  men and women, young and old and every culture and country. That’s the bad news.  The good news?   I’ve got five new options for your acne fighting tool kit.

1.  Dapsone Gel for Acne

Oral Dapsone was originally used to treat leprosy, malaria, and parasites.  Anti-inflammatory  and  antimicrobial,  it is now used in gel form to manage acne.   Sold under the trade name of Aczone, it  attacks acne from different angles.  It can be used alone or in combination with other medications. It works beautifully with Retin A, clindamycin, and salicylic acid.  However it can turn the skin yellow … Continue Reading…

Retin A in the Evening by Deb Chase

Question and Answer logoMaybe I should change the name of  this blog  to Retin A News and Views.  Not really.  Most  of the great questions I get   deal  with different forms  of Retin A (aka tretinoin). This week I received  such a well thought out question I answered her immediately and now I am posting both her question and the answer.

Question:  Do I have to wait until bedtime until I start my Retin A ritual? And if so, why? The last thing I want to do is get up from having fallen asleep on the sofa, and throw water on my face and then wait  30 minues again ( again…why?)

Is the wait to let your skin fully dry?  If so, couldn’t I just dry it with my hair dryer on low? Is it to allow it to calm down?

Am … Continue Reading…

Aging Gracefully in Public Eye- Diane Keaton

Aging Gracefully is hardAging gracefully  is  never easy.  Aging gracefully in the public eye, in HD, can be harrowing.  Like most women of my tribe, Diane Keaton  will always be  the Annie Hall style icon.  Her big shirt, topped with a man’s vest , over a  full skirt and boots is a look that still works today.  Seeing her wrinkled, grey and sporting dark framed glasses was  disconcerting– but then that commercial came on.  Most of the buzz has been paid to the difference in the appearance in the commercial and and  Keaton IRL.

Diane Keaton L'Oreal adYes, the blurry, rosy image in the commercial showed a Diane Keaton that was smoother and decades younger than the live, on-stage woman.  Its not as if  this is the first time we heard of … Continue Reading…

Preventing and Treating Milia

milia before treatmentThe  little white bumps under the skin came back.   Called milia, they  develop when keratin gets trapped under the skin and form  at the base of sweat glands  or hair follicles.  They look  somewhat like pimples  but do not have the oil and bacteria found in true acne. And unlike acne breakouts  which have a  lifespan of a week or so, milia can last  for years.  They are painless and don’t itch, but please  don’t try to remove them yourself.  Milia go very deep  and  can scar if improperly treated. 

Dr Marmur started by numbing the area with a bit of lidocaine.  She used  an electric Milia removedneedle to nick the top and pressed a comedone extractor over the area.  Thanks to the lidocaine, I felt nothing.  Next day I had … Continue Reading…

Subscription Snafus

Subscription sign upIn May I put on my  big girl pants and migrated  to a self-hosted site. All seemed to go beautifully and the new plugins were just  plain fun to use.   Then I began getting first   a trickle, then a flood of emails asking why I had stopped  posting on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  I didn’t know what to think.   Google seemed to like  my new site and  my traffic was never  better, yet   my most  loyal readers  were not seeing  my new posts.   After  a bit of digging I discovered that  my subscriber list   did not make the move along with almost 600 health and beauty posts.   The hundreds of readers who had  become friends were no longer getting  alerts on new posts. IRL if a letter does not get delivered, it comes back to the … Continue Reading…

Facials and Retin A– Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Question and Answer logoQuestion:  I used to have facials  several times a year.  Now that I am using  Retin A,   can I continue  my favorite  indulgence?

Answer:  I  love facials and I love Retin A, but together they may  pose problems.  If you are using Retin A, you need to weigh three issues:

1.How long you have been on Retin A ?

2. How is your skin reacting to Retin A?

3. What kind of facial do you want to use?

If you have just started on Retin A ( less than three months),   the short answer is no.  Retin A  is irritating on purpose and adding  a facial  early in the process can be asking for trouble.  Your skin could easily react with redness and peeling  that would require  stopping Retin A  for at least a month. 

If you … Continue Reading…

Tri-luma– Its back!

The return of Tri-luma, an effective treatment for dark spots and melasma Continue Reading…