Best Skin Care Ingredients- The Top Ten, Part 2

Read why soy, oatmeal and salicylic acid are on the list of top ten skin care ingredients. Continue Reading…

Another Vitamin for Beauty

The NHANES study looked at the diets of 32,000Americans and compared   the data to a wide range of health issues.  When it came to aging and wrinkles, the NHANES found that people who had diets high in vitamin C and linoleic acid had smooth skin and fewer wrinkles. Awesome!

Vitamin A is a fat-soluable which means that  its easily stored in the body.  Vitamin A is measured in  Retinol units (RE) and adults over  age 19 need between 800-1000 RE units/day.   This  vitamin   is available in  fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish and  meat. For example,  a pretty small carrot has  about 1100 RE of vitamin A.  In Western countries, vitamin A deficiency is  almost non-existant. In fact, its much more common to see overdoses of vitamin A.  Taking … Continue Reading…

Can Your Anti-Aging Product Stop Working?

Its the urban  legend of beauty products– the once great cleanser or moisturizer loses its ability to make a difference.  Most of the time I’ve been  told its just a matter of perception– and that  I’ve just  become used to  the benefits.  In other words  I don’t  remember what my skin looked like before I started using it.  Others suggest that the formula  changed and it now lacks the most effective ingredients.  Plausable, but not really satisfying.

I have finally found some intriguing , published studies with alpha hydroxy acids ( including  lactic acid and glycolic acid) that  back up our observations.  It even has a name!  Called ‘accomodation’, it simply means that the skin cells no longer respond to an active ingredient in a beauty care product.

Here’s how it works:  For example, glycolic and lactic acid  improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles primarily by stimulating cell growth.  But over 3-4 months of constant use, cell growth … Continue Reading…

Tri-luma- Five Top Questions

1.  Can I use Tri-luma on  my chest?

In theory, yes but its not going to be that effective.  A chest with lots of freckles and age spots will need more help than Tri-lima can  provide.  Once areas of hyperpigmentation become raised and lumpy, you’re going to need some kind of  laser or IPL to deal with them. 

2. Can I use Tri-luma and Retin A together ? 

It  depends. Tri-luma already contains Retin A to increase cell turnover, hydroquinone to break down  and discourage pigment formation and a steroid to keep down inflammation.  If you are using Tri-luma  under  your eyes, you can  then apply Retin  A to the other facial areas.  If you have areas of discoloration on your cheeks and forehead, you can use Tri-luma on these areas, but not at the same time you are  using Retin A. It won’t do a  better  job and will  make you … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Aging Plan- The Thirties

This is the time to explore gentle anti-aging options.  Use the daytime  to apply  an elegant sunscreen.  At night take the opportunity to rotate treatment with different anti agers  that  include  peptides, soy, retinols and vitamin C.

In the Morning:

* Wash your face with an effective cleanser that works with your skin type.  If your skin tends to be dry, look for  a product like Cereve Hydrating Cleanser.  Normal  or oily skins will respond well to Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bars.

* Rinse face throughly with three to four  handfuls of lukewarm water.

* Protect your skin with a broadspectrum oil-free suncreen.  In the summer do a full court press SPF 70 like Aveeno Positively Ageless Sun Block with Enviroblock. Awesome!  In less sunny seasons, you can dial  back  the  SPF and use  Aveeno Positively Radiant Triple Boosting  Serum SPF30. ( and its got soy!)

* Dab on under-eye concealer that fortified with sunscree  such … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging at Any Age – The Thirties

This is the time the rubber hits the road.  Your body is still pumping out enough hormones to keep  the skin firm and soft.   But unless you’re in the habit of wearing a burkka,  your complexion  will be showing a few signs of environmental aging.  If your idea of a perfect  day is long, hot and sun-soaked,  odds are you are going  to have more than a few signs  of  external aging.  Seemingly overnight, you will  see larger than average freckles and raised brown spots.  If you live in sunny states, crows feet appear from   years of squinting in constant bright sunlight. 

 Depending on genetics and lifestyle ( alcohol, cigarettes and stress), under eye shadows can develop and  the skin looks dull and tired.  This isn’t nearly as depressing as it sounds.  Remember signs of ‘aging”  in the thirties  are  actually pseudo aging and can be easily  ( and affordably) erased. The first step is a … Continue Reading…