Rogaine is Growing My Eyebrows!

Rogaine seems to be really working on my too skinny eyebrows. Its been  almost two months since I began applying Rogaine foam twice a day  to my brow area. To be totally honest I had a rocky time getting into a treatment routinue.   For most of the first month, I would miss at least one application a day.  And some days I never got around to  using Rogaine at all. It certainly was not  time or labor intensive but definately  aan extra step.  It took me a month to get into a regular routinue so I feel I am really just  in the first month of treatment.

Rogaine Routinue 101

I have been using 5% Rogaine for women foam.  The instructions recommend filling the entire cap with foam and use it all over your scalp.  There are no recommendations for eyebrows so I wasted quite a bit of the … Continue Reading…