Important Retin A Update by Deb Chase

Question and answer about beautyThe questions about Retin A keep coming and now there are new answers.

Question:  I found out that I can buy Retin A pills online without a prescription and they even throw in  free Viagra.  Do you think this is a good idea?

Answer:   I’m  getting a bad feeling.  When you take Retin A, you need  to have regular blood tess to  mke certain that the medication is not affecting liver function.  For that  you will need to be followed by a physician and I doubt any responsible doctor  would feel comfortable working with self-prescribed Retin A.

I personally have not had success buying  Retin A creams online, even with a prescription.  The online generic Retin A    did not seem effective. And then there is the bonus of Viagra????  Retin  A pills are  known to … Continue Reading…