Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThe host of Fashion Flash  this week is Deb of Fabulous After 40.   I was a fan of Fabulous After 40   long before we statred to blog together in Fashion Flash.  Looking great at any occasion is not  a matter of money, weight or age.  Fashion is  in the details and Fabulous After  40 drills down to offer advice that you can take with you into the dressing room.  Last week  Deb  offered styling tips for short waisted women.  This certainly applies to me and  I  finally realized  why I liked pants and shirts without waistbands and why I never like to tuck in my top.  I’m not weird–  its the best choice when you’re short waisted.

Salt, Sugar and Fat ( Random House) by Michael MossContinue Reading…

Salt, Aging and the Supermarket

I was really shocked to see the salt content of so many seemingly non-salty foods.  Cutting back on sodium is such a simple and affordable anti-aging strategy, its important  to identify the stealth salt in your food.  I asked a few  friends and neighbors for their weekly shoping list ( and a few  lunchtime fast foods) and came up  with a  list  of commonly eaten foods.  Can you estimte how much hidden salt  you are getting daily?  Remember max salt intake   should be  less than 2000mg.

*1/2 cup canned peas—- 308mg

*1/2 cup canned corn —–170mg

*1/2 cup canned mushrooms— 536mg

* 1/2 fresh mushrooms ———2mg

* 1 cup tomato juice ————-700mg

* 1 slice white bread —————150mg

* 1 potato—————————-8mg

* 100 calorie bag of chips——-200mg

* 1 cup cornflakes—————–325mg

* 3 pancakes———————–600mg

* 1 cup canned chicken noodle soup- 1100mg

* 1 cup tomato sauce ————700mg

*1 tablespoon unsalted butter–7mg

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#1 Beauty Diet Tip– Watch Your Salt

Salt–its everywhere.  It makes everything, even desserts  taste better.  But  our love of salt ( or sodium) comes with a big price.  You probably know that too much dietry salt  has been linked to heart disease, high blood ressure  and an increase in asthma symptoms.  Now it turns out that salt  can make you ugly.

Here’s how it works:  Salt attracts water and more more salt attracts more water.  In the short run, the extra fluid will make the face look puffy  can increase undereye bags.  Did you ever notice that after a chinese meal ( redic high in sodium) that your rings are tight and  under eye shadows are   darker. Its the sodium.  In the rest of the body, a big sodium load makes  blood circulation more difficult.  The slower circulation  makes growth and repair of skin cells slow down–  decreasing collagen and elastin production. So in the long run, … Continue Reading…