It’s Fashion Flash Today!

fashion flash logoThis week, MaryLou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion FLash.  I am reminded daily that  women over 50 are  making  it  up as we  go along.  Once the children are  on their own and ageism impedes profressional options,  we are  constantly wondering about taking the next step, the right path.   Enter  Second Lives Club– the  site that profiles women  who are making the second fifty years even better than the first 50. In their life stories  you may find the  answers to your own journey.

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting  Fashion Flash.  Before  age fifty  there  seems to an established  playbook, a life map with clearly defined markers. From learning to read  in first grade to learning to drive at 18, there are expected  mileposts to  follow.  From the first day of high chool to the first dance at your wedding  we know what is expected of us.  to follow.  Then after raising a family,  the  trail seems to come to a dead end. Enter Second Lives  CLub to provide a map for the second fifty years.  With interviews of  dynamic women  who created  a fulfilling second  life, this  wonderful site  provides both inspiration and guidence.

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It’s Fashion FLash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the always fascinating Marylou of Second Lives Club  is hosting Fashion Flash. You hear alot about  empowerment  these days,  but Marylou  provides  real tools  rather than just talk. In her profiles of  women  who took charge of the second half of their lives she provides both inspirations as well as genuine steps  for  change   Subscribe to her site so that you don’t  miss a single valuable post.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  The Daily Face by Annamarie Tendler

Its been said  that if you have a 1 out  of 2 chance to be wrong,you  will be wrong  9 times out of 10.  That’s how I feel about make-up.  I can stock up on all the recommended products yet when i try to duplicate a specific … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week, Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash!  The idea of what to do with the second  50 years of  our lives  is a new concept.  In past decades   we were someone expected to buy shapeless housecoats or learn to play  golf.  That was then and this is now.  Each day women are reinventing their lives after years of  childcare and homemaking that consumed our days. They are  finally able to explore old interests and discovere new talents.  Second Lives Club profiles  women who have found have made this journey and  show us how its done.

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Holiday Skin Check Video– The Best Gift for You and Your Family

 SKin Check -- the bestNo-Nonsense Holiday GiftFor most of us holiday traditions include family  parties, great food, lighting all sorts of candles  and piles of brightly wrapped gifts.  In  our home we have added a new holiday radition– an annual  skin cancer  check.  As a heath and beauty writer I wrote about  skin cancer, but myself went decades between skin check-ups.  Then a random physical office visit uncovered  skin cancer in my husband and a precancerous spot on my leg.   If you’ve ever waited for a biopsy, you will want to do anything to avoid a repeat episode.  We vowed to have an annual skin  check but the months kept rolling by.

I relaized that a needed a date that would always trigger a reminder– and the winter holiday season seemed  perfect.  Like  who can ignore this … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week MaryLou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash!  Our culture is so  youth oriented and I rarely see   women  who look  like me in magazine ads, TV and movies.  That’s why  I find Second Lives Club so empowering.  Each week she  features inspiring women  who make the  second half of their lives  even better than the first  half.  Subscribe to this dynamic  site not to miss   the post that could change your life.

Fashion FLash Book Review: THe Life CHanging Magic of Tidying UpFashion Flash  Book Review: The Life  Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash.   We are  the generation  that is redefining the second  half of  our lives and most of the time we make it up as we go along. Its not an easy path, but Second Lives Club profiles  everyday heros for a real time road  map. In the past few weeks Second Lives Club  has featured a lawyer turned travel writer,  a scientist who became a textile designer and a publishing executive  who is now runs a woman’s fitness franchise. Reading their journeys is aways inspiring and empowering.  Its one thing to dream of  a new life… its  invauable to read about women  who actually  reinvented their lives and  themselves.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week  is the first time that  Mary Lou and Carrie  of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love the premise of this site– that   our second fifty  years  could  be even better than the first  fifty.  Second Lives Club often profiles amazing women who have made  dramatic and successful  changes in  their lives.  Its  so empowering to read about  women who changed directions  after 50  to find new fulfillment. In addition Second Lives Club  has great features on fashions, books and travel. Subscribe to this site for intelligent  and entertaining information you won’t find on any where else.

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