Can Grey Hair Be Beautiful?

I want to jump into the ” go grey/ not go grey” debate?  I recently posted that covering up grey hair is one of the top five anti-aging tips.  That being said, grey hair  can be beautiful, but its not that easy– or for everyone.  While going grey means you don’t need to get monthly tough-ups, its far from low maintenance.  When hair goes grey, it changes texture as well as color.  Grey hair usually becomes coarse and curly making  it more challenging to cut and blow-dry.

Grey hair is also not a single color, but appears in a range of shades.  Snowy white or pale silver hair has a natural glow and flatters  many skin tones.  ( It looks especially beautiful with pale skin and blue eyes).  By contrast, salt and pepper grey  has little shine and can be unflattering to  skin shades with yellow or olive undertones. 

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The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips

#3 — Cover Grey Hair

Whether its scattered white hairs or a full head of silver,  grey hair is one of the most common signs of aging — and one of the easiest to control. Think of the difference in Susan Boyle’s appearance  when  her frizzy grey curls were transformed into a sleek brown style.  Select a shade  that is slightly lighter  than your natural color.  You can use  a mascara-like  wand for  touchups  to cover small amounts of grey re-growth.   (  Color Mark is a great brand  for less than $10).  Bring  a bit of flattering light to your face by adding highlights every six months.