Facials and Retin A– Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Question and Answer logoQuestion:  I used to have facials  several times a year.  Now that I am using  Retin A,   can I continue  my favorite  indulgence?

Answer:  I  love facials and I love Retin A, but together they may  pose problems.  If you are using Retin A, you need to weigh three issues:

1.How long you have been on Retin A ?

2. How is your skin reacting to Retin A?

3. What kind of facial do you want to use?

If you have just started on Retin A ( less than three months),   the short answer is no.  Retin A  is irritating on purpose and adding  a facial  early in the process can be asking for trouble.  Your skin could easily react with redness and peeling  that would require  stopping Retin A  for at least a month. 

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Clear and Brilliant– New Laser, New Skin

There’s  a new anti-aging  laser in town and its called Clear and Brilliant.  Its  from the same company that developed Thermage and Fraxel— and sometimes Clear and Brilliant is described as ‘babyFraxel”.  I’m already a big fan  of “baby botox” so  this laser  is right in my  comfort zone. In addition to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, this new anti-aging tool reduces age spots and some types of acne scars.

Like its big sister Fraxel,  Clear and Brilliant  is an anti-aging laser that delivers  energy in a grid pattern.   However  true Fraxel goes deeper, can  be uncomfortable  and requires 3-5 days of healing.  By contrast this new rejuvenating laser   is  never painful and the skin  recovers within hours.     Since baby steps  might as well be my middle name, I was eager to try it out with my super derm, Dr Ellen Marmur. ( Before  proceedure pix  below)

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Do We Need Facials Now That We Have Lasers?

True story.  Several years ago, I was recruited to do an in-store event for a popular exfoliating  scrub.  The plan  was to  set up a mini spa in a Wal-Mart in suburban Arizona.  I was not really looking forward to it.  I had just finished a before and after project for a publisher and the results were pretty awful with the befores looking better than the afters.   Now I was facing  a crowd of real women  who expected results.

It only got  worse when I  had to wear a little white lab coat with my name stitched on the  breast pocket. As the facialists went to work,  I tried to  hide behind the  bags of dog  food that flanked  the temporary spa.  They were offering a very basic facial  that consisted of an exfoliating scrub,  warm compresses, a peel -off mask and ending with a toner.  As I watched the treatments, … Continue Reading…