Sensitive Skin 101

Over 50% of Americans believe that they have sensitive skin – and I am one of them.  Several times a year  I will glance at the mirror to  see that strange red splotches  have appeared.  Over time I’ve had to become a homegrown expert on all things sensitive and when a  product promises  to be safe for sensitive skin my first reaction is ” Oh really”.

Causes of Sensitive Skin

The first thing I learned about these red spots is that they  are driven by different  factors.  Sensitive skin is  a kind of umbrella term for skin problems that produce red, flaky sometimes itchy skin.  There are basically six, count ’em, six different types and its important to identify the true  cause to select the right  treatments and … Continue Reading…

Did Botox Work? Judge For Yourself

I had my first shot of baby Botox on Monday  and took after pictures on Wednesday night.  According to Dr Marmur, the full effect has not yet developed, but 48 hours after getting “tox”, I can  see a clear difference. The lines  at the sides of my chin  and cheek are visibly diminished  creating a firmer  more youthful contour. 


I am pleased that an anti-aging product worked  as promised, but I’m still giggling about the Botox high.  Apparently this is a well known effect, but nobody writes about it.  Have you had this reaction to Botox? 

The maximum benefits  should be produced by next week and I’ll post those results too.  … Continue Reading…